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  1. 11:42 Saw these guys playing live in a local bar the other night… Aside from minor band squabbles and aging, these guys can still throw down!!!

  2. 6:50 I've seen the prequels and the Original trilogy and to be honest. Vader is species wise a force sensitive human. Not a scorpion.

  3. 5 : 25 LMFAO that is SO true, lol "if a Nintendo game was only released in Japan, it meant that it was the only good one, or it was the worst of them all" and holy shit is that the truth, and i find it fucking hilarious because i literally was thinking the exact same thing right before he said it lmao

  4. Gooooodddddaaaaaaammmmmmmit AVGN make a video of all the star wars games godamit, I will give you 200 of my hard earned republis credits!!!

  5. I have fond memories of the NES Star Wars game. It was undeniably hard, but it was faithful and still fun. I missed the shields entirely on most of my early playthroughs, thinking you just had to do the whole section without getting hit at all, and still managed to reach the death star on occasion. It was one of the earliest games I beat along with Megaman 2 and Probotector 2 (Contra for everyone else), without using cheats. I was incredibly proud of myself for that.

  6. In super star wars the land speeder you technically don't even need to move forward, if you just move left and right and kill whatever enemy pops up you'll beat the level. I've only been to the last level once but because of no save points I lost and said fuck this game and never tried beating it again.

  7. Sometimes it's the little things that James does that aren't even jokes that crack me up. Like when he turns to the camera and says "Yeah, that's my beer droid." Like he's saying, "I know it looks shitty, but just go with it."

  8. All these games were way too fucking hard. I had most of these including gameboy and they all ruined my childhood haha

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