Starting Hands in Texas Hold’em

Hey guys, this is Goku and today we are gonna
be talking about the starting hands. Proper hand selection preflop is a very important
aspect of the game and it is crucial that you learn it. I will teach you a pretty conservative tight
range of starting hands and I strongly suggest that you only play this for the first couple
thousand of hands. So lets get right into it. Lets start with the hands that you will
play from all the positions unless of course there is some heavy action before you like
a reraise or a big open. We will talk about bet sizing in the next
lesson so for now just know that you should always raise the pot if it hasn’t been raised
before you, but if it has you just want to call most of the time. So this range we’ll call the base and it is
about 10% of all the possible starting hands. So first off you want to play all the pairs. Big pocket pairs like ACES KINGS QUEENS JACKS
or TENS are very strong hands and often are overpairs to the board on the flop. Medium pocket pairs like nines eights and
sevens are still quite strong and have potential for overpairs, but you are not going to try
and build big pots with these unless you hit a set. Small pocket pairs like sixes fives and so
on are really easy to play as you are only looking to hit a set on the flop or toss them
away. Next you want to play suited AK AQ AJ and
AT, these are all strong hands and have really good potential for top pair top kicker, and
also for straigths and flushes. As for the unsuited aces you wanna play AK
AQ and AJ. The only other hand you want to play is KQ
suited as it is also quite a strong hand with good potential. So like I said these are the hands you are
looking to play from any position unless there were reraises or big raises before you. You should always open the pot with a raise
unless someone has already raised before you, then you should just call most of the time. Others hands you could play but only from
middle and late positionts are AT, KQ and KJ offsuited and also KJ and QJ suited. From late positions you could play basically
all the broadway cards so you could add suited or unsuited KT QT and JT. Keep in mind that you should stick to only
playing the base at the beggining, get comfortable playing it and then as you get better and
gain a better understanding of the game you will add more hands to your starting range
especially from later positions. Other starting hands that have good potential
include all the suited connectors from t9 to 32 and all the suited aces. But you shouldn’t often play these and if
you do you should only play them in position. You are looking to hit a strong draw on the
flop either to a straigth or a flush. If you don’t hit it, you give up on the hand. So now you know which hands are profitable
to play. You know the base hands which are the hands
you pretty much always want to see the flop with. You know that the later your position is the
more hands you want to open the pot with. Please remember to stick to the base if you’re
only just starting playing poker. You can add more starting hands as you get
more and more comfortable playing, but for the beginning the base is all you need to
play in order to make profit thank you so much for watching and congratulations!
you are now one step closer to becoming an awesome poker player
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that you put the knowledge you have acquired into practice
this course will teach you all you need to know in order to beat the small stakes games,
but you gotta practice you have to get comfortable playing poker,
you have to learn these fundamentals by heart. I cannot stress that enough, you will only
get better if you practice, even 15 mintues a day will do wonders for your game in the
long term so have fun playing and I wish you all good
luck! See you in the next lesson!

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