Strategies for Blackjack : Card Counting Techniques in the Game of Blackjack

Hi this is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip we are going to discuss the hi-low card counting system. We will over view the
basic principals and how it works. To start out the hi-low card counting system is a system
is which each card is assigned a value of either negative one, zero or plus one. The
player in turn keeps a running total of the cards as they are dealt. This gives them a
idea of the probability of a high value card of 10 value cards being dealt. This allow
the player to know if the deck is in there favor or in the casino’s favor. Let’s take
a quick view at what the hi-low card counting system consisted of. The hi-low card counting
system is based upon a signing point value of plus one, zero or minus one to every card
dealt all players on the table, including the dealer. Each card is assigned there own
specific point value. Aces and 10 point cards are assigned the value of negative one. Cards
7, 8 and 9, each counts as zero. In cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, each counts as a plus one.
As the cards are dealt the player mentally keeps a running count of the cards exposed
and makes wagering decisions base upon the current total. The higher the plus count,
the higher percentage of 10 point cards and aces remaining to be dealt. If the running
count is zero, the deck or shoe is neutral and neither the player nor the dealer has
the advantage.

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45 thoughts on “Strategies for Blackjack : Card Counting Techniques in the Game of Blackjack

  1. It depends on how many decks are left in the shoe. For example: a count of +13 with 2 decks left is far better than a count of +16 with 5 decks left. The chances are much greater to get a face card if the count is high and there aren't a lot of total cards left than if the count is high, but there are still 250 cards in the shoe.

  2. the way it works is say u havve a count of positive 6 on a 6 deck game, you divide the value by the number of decks discarded roughly so say there is 2 decks discarded now you have a real count of positive 3

  3. hey dumbshit, that was a joke, and the pit boss will kick you out for counting even though its not against the law. i got kicked out for doubling down on 18. i hit 21.

  4. Hervey Dubner count early sixties, to be any good at counting you have to do six things at once – 1. Play Basic, 2. Count, 3. Employ true count (Revere) 4. Adjust strategy, 5. Side count aces, 6. Manage Betting.

  5. doubling down on 18? card counting or not, you're an idiot. I find it hard to believe you knew there was 3's and less for sure… so yea, doubling down on 18 just begs for attention, because its a stupid play 🙂

  6. because when you do dumb shit and win, you're not normal, casino's want normal gamblers, the kind they can predict will lose, not weirdo doubling down on 18, oh look, a 3, type, i wouldn't want you in my casino either, unless you wanna visit my backroom…

  7. way back in the day I wrote a card counting program on my Commodore 64…it would take days to analyze a few hundred thousand hands. The bottom result, if you are smart enough to make money counting cards, you are smart enough to make a lot more money somewhere else. best wishes to ya…

  8. counting is actually very helpful when playing with 2 decks in pitch blackjack. so all you losers slamming it are retarded. hes not guaranteeing anything. he is just showing you how to increase your odds of betting big when you know the deck is loaded.

  9. card counting is very useful but at the casinos the table will rarely ever get that hot but when it does its worth it

  10. I mean I played BJ today and the count was +14 and I was wonging so what did I do I stuck £5 on the back of a guy who knew how to play and would you believe it we got 14 then a lucky 6 and the dealer got 20 so we drew then I stuck £10 on the back and gosh we got 15 against the dealers 10 ,I mean with a +14 count and we busted so what is the point you cant win either way unless someone has any helpful suggestions. Comments welcome

  11. @BJWolfUnderground well done card counting is cool I do it and win more than lose.I love to bust the casino they think they r so clever but I am cleverer

  12. @cptWOOPurASS U r wrong this does work .This increases youre chances of winning more money because u have more money on the box when the count is high.There r other counting systems but no other techniques so if u do not want to count then u just have to play BS and thats it..
    If u have a perfect way of always winning then I would like to know.
    Also u contradict yourself in that you say u r not looking for odds then u say other ways give u the odds.

  13. @ramzidaswani thats not the point, the point is to know when u know high or low cards are coming out and to adjust your bet according to that

  14. @boki2053760 well u do not draw every hand although I agree it is long term thing so if u aint got the bankroll time and patience then you just play BS and hope the gods r with u and the cards.

  15. @steven1231999 lol o man that's hysterical, i agree with u on the frowned on art but not the other even thiugh it is true

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