Strategies for Blackjack : Double Down in the Game of Blackjack

Hi this is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village.
In this series of clips we are going to be talking about the strategy known as doubling
down in 21 or again more commonly known as blackjack in North America. Doubling down
is simply doubling the amount in the bet that you have on the original hand. If you bet,
let’s say that you bet two chips on a hand. You receive the two cards and you realize
that your odds are very high in winning. You simply double down. Now when you double down
that is going to allow you to have one more card. Now you don’t know what that card is
you are betting that, that card is going to get you closer to 21 or blackjack than the
dealer. You are doubling the amount of money on the table and you are also doubling you
risk of losing. Now you can only receive a double down after you have been dealt your
two cards and before you have hit. Cause when you double down you only get one more card.
Hard hand rules for doubling down, you want to double down when you have a hard 11 and
the dealer is showing a 2-10. If you are holding a hard 9 and the dealer is showing a 3-6 or
you are holding a hard 10 and the dealer is showing a 2-9, the soft hand rules for doubling
down. You want to double down when you have a ace and a 4 or a ace and and 5 and the dealer
is showing a 4, 5 or 6. If you are holding a ace and a 2 or a ace and a 3 and the dealer
is holding a 5 or a 6. So use these doubling down strategies to better your odds at the
casino tables.

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