Strategies for Blackjack : Money Odds in the Game of Blackjack

Hi this is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip we are going to be talking about the odds and your money on a blackjack table.
Now when you play blackjack, the odds are very simple. On a standard hand that is not
a blackjack the odds are one to one. If you happen to place 2 chips down and you win the
hand, you are going to get 2 chips back. Basically that wins your money. If you were to place
2 chips down and the dealer were to deal you a blackjack, he is going to pay you 3-2. So
for every 2 chips that you have down he is going to pay you three back and you want to
be careful when looking at your chip whenever a payout happens to make sure that the odds
are being handled correctly. The other thing to make sure of is when you are getting insurance
that you are paid correctly. That is another odd you need to check on and that is usually
a 2-1 payout. Now if you have multiple chips out there. Lets say if you have 40 dollars
in chips out, when getting paid out the dealer is simply going to measure the chips up and
make sure that they sit level. He is going to do the same thing with all of your chips.
He will take a stack of chips simple go out and measure them. You will want to make sure
that he has done it correctly. Remember this is your money.

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