Sylvanas VS Arthas (Lich King) – Who Would Win?

Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and today
I will be talking about who would win peak Arthas as the Lich King or current Sylvanas
with Jailer’s power. Covering their lore very briefly as you guys
already know the backstories and then focusing on their power and speculations on who would
win in this fantasy battle scenario. So without further ado, let’s get into the
lore. Look now to your defenses my son, for the
champions of justice gather at your gate! Arthas: Let them come…Frostmourne hungers
Arthas is the corrupted paladin, the one that took Frostmourne, betrayed his kingdom and
essentially raised the Scourge to it’s peak. He took over the Frozen Throne from Ner’Zhul
and essentially demolished everything in his path. Once he had arrived and had gotten stronger
he became one of the biggest threats to Azeroth in history. Arthas raised many monstrosities, created
most of the Scourge architecture and really became one of the biggest influences on the
planet. Through a gruelling campaign of weakening
his forces, we finally faced the Lich King in battle a top the Frozen Throne. He was defeated but only with Tirion Fordring,
the Ashbringer and the Light that broke Frostmourne. However, he did actually defeat us and it
was one of the closest battles of the entire game. His entire strategy was to lure the most powerful
champions to Icecrown in order to raise them as his own and to continue his campaign. His mistake was that he underestimated the
Light and Tirion. Ultimately he fell and Bolvar took over the
Throne reigning as the Lich King until this point in time. Toy soldiers in tin plate. Beasts who howl for honor. Standing as one. Savor it… Nothing lasts. Sylvanas Windrunner is one of the most influential
high elves and also one of the most powerful ones at the time. She valiantly defended her kingdom but was
finally caught and defeated by Arthas who angered at her resistance decided to raise
her as a banshee to serve him. For a while, she had no free will until the
Lich King started getting weaker and his grip loosened. At that point, she rebelled, attacked Arthas
and formed her own faction of undead known as the Forsaken. From that point forth she would conquer the
remnants of Lordaeron, would join the Horde and would play one of the key roles within
the faction. It was only recently that she came into contact
with the Jailer from the Shadowlands that subsequently manipulated events and got her
into the position of the Warchief. Since that point, Windrunner led aggressive
war campaigns in order to maximize casualties feeding the maw in the Shadowlands making
the Jailer more powerful than ever which in turn granted her untold power. She defeated Saurfang quite easily in a duel,
abandoned the Horde and the Forsaken and reached the Frozen Throne. There Sylvanas faced Bolvar in battle and
with relative easy dispatched his Scourge minions, chained him, took off the crown and
destroyed it. This as far as we know at the moment destroyed
the entity we know as the Lich King and opened a rift into the Shadowlands. Her current status and power is unclear but
she will no doubt play a key role in the future. So with this very brief history who would
win if Arthas at his peak was the Lich King and Sylvanas at her current power level arrived
at the Frozen Throne and attacked him? First things first let’s get one thing out
of the way. Sylvanas only stands a chance against Arthas
now as previously it was confirmed that she couldn’t single-handedly fight him. Even Windrunner realized when she escaped
Icecrown that his power had increased tenfold since she had last seen him and that a mighty
army was necessary from both factions in order to put an end to Arthas. So only with her powers from the Jailer Sylvanas
actually has a chance. In terms of Arthas, it is obvious his power
had increased by a significant margin. As opposed to Bolvar he fully embraced his
role as the Lich King, got rid of his humanity and most importantly had the very powerful
sword known as Frostmourne. The sword itself contained thousands of souls
and some very powerful ones within them which granted him significant power. More importantly, he really built up the Scourge
in Northrend and it was an immensely powerful army with monstrosities like Sindragosa at
his side. However, one thing should be clear. While Arthas was incredibly powerful he was
never on a god-like level. As we have seen in the wrath gate cinematic
he had to retreat when the forsaken chucked a few barrels of plague at him which I don’t
think would be the case with someone like Kil’Jaeden or Archimonde. Even Dave Kosak confirmed on twitter that
Lei-Shen would be stronger than the Lich King in 1v1 battle, however, he brings one point
forth and that is that army wise he is more powerful. This really was the biggest strength of Arthas. He really took his time and built up the Scourge,
raised dragons, giants, created abominations, death knights, spread the plague, took over
zones and overall was an excellent leader of the undead army. When looking at Bolvar he was much weaker
in this department as his goal wasn’t really to conquer the planet. Now with Sylvanas as her story is on-going
it is really hard to point out how powerful she is, but my own speculation based on what
we have seen is that she is way more powerful than all of us think. If you look at the Saurfang and Bolvar duel
it was so obvious that she had way more up her sleeve and she did everything with a smirk,
she didn’t even doubt that she could lose. This is because she has been in the pact with
the Jailer for a while now and every casualty that occurred made her stronger and there
were a lot of them with so many wars and campaigns recently. On top of that, she constantly sought to empower
herself through out the expansions. So ultimately here is how I see the battle
scenario. Sylvanas would definitely not be able to just
march on top of Icecrown Citadel like she did with Bolvar as the Scourge was way more
powerful. In the Bolvar scenario, the army is only a
husk and barely poses a significant threat. Bolvar doesn’t even have the powerful control
that Arthas had. However if she did manage to reach the Frozen
Throne I would say that Sylvanas would be able to beat Arthas. I don’t think she would do it so easily and
I think Arthas would prove a much tougher foe with Frostmourne, but overall he was not
a god-like powerhouse in 1v1 combat. I don’t think Sylvanas would be as confident
and I believe Arthas would actually be able to do some damage to her but ultimately I
do believe he would be defeated. Currently, it is really hard to speculate
how powerful Sylvanas is but let’s be clear she has a pact with one of the most dangerous
beings in the entire universe and this is a direct pact as in she was standing right
next to him. She isn’t just some minion but more of a partner
and as the Jailer is a completely new character we don’t know too much about him. Seeing that he is in charge of keeping essentially
all evil and the most dangerous creatures in all of universe in prison I don’t think
it is a wild speculation to say that he is on an insanely powerful level. So my opinion is that Sylvanas would be able
to win even though personally I would root for Arthas. However only time will tell how powerful the
Banshee Queen is exactly as we arrive in the Shadowlands. Thank you for watching. Do check out what the role of Bolvar is by
clicking on the screen and also check out the second channel Doron’s Academy for videos
on real-world history and science. See you next time!

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100 thoughts on “Sylvanas VS Arthas (Lich King) – Who Would Win?

  1. Speculating about the scenario that many of you have asked me about. Who would win in a battle between Jailer empowered Sylvanas and the peak power Lich King? What do you guys think?

    Also if you haven't seen the second channel it will be re-launching very shortly. – Second Channel:

  2. Damn man, haven't seen one of these in ages. Love it! Always enjoyed these X vs X videos 😀 But as for who wins…Arthas i would think, unlike Bolvar, he was far more powerful and fully embraced undeath at it's core. Despite Sylvanas being empowered by the Jailer, i think Arthas would be able to draw insane amounts of power from the whole of Shadowlands as time went on. After all, while Bolvar would just keep the undead in check, Arthas would continue learning the secrets of Shadowlands, delve deeper and become more powerful over time.
    Also, what would keep Arthas from finding out about the Jailer and somehow using his power or even abusing it? 😛

  3. Sylvanas because she's getting too much power from the Jailer. From the way I understand it, the Jailer can give her more power on the go as necessary. Making it a pretty big advantage for Sylvanas.
    Also she has ranged avantage on top of it with powerful magic.

  4. I wonder after Sylvanas gains power from N'zoth's death during 8.3, if she can one shot Arthas, just like how we clear ICC with a level 120 character.

  5. It makes me rather sad that this is even a valid question. And I guess the real answer is dependant on if Sylvanas has her plot armor on or not, if she does then she wins even 1v1 against Sargeras or a Void Lord. If not, she gets destroyed by Malfurion.

  6. I doubt the jailer theory that war campaign fed more soul into the maw and empower the jailer. But this war campaign is nothing compared to the casualties inflicted by burning legion on countless worlds. Lore has become the joke now, there is no good story here now

  7. If she can't beat Malfurion, then she wouldn't stand a chance against Arthas, also, no one knows how powerful the Jailor is, Arthas 1hit killed Sauerfangs son, who was on par with Sauerfang in terms of strength and even though sylvanas toyed with Saurfang, she did get hurt by him, whereas his son couldn't even touch Arthas. The only reason why Arthas was beat was because of the lights incredible strength vs. the Undead, sylvanas death magic would most likely be useless vs. Arthas.

  8. in all seriousness Sylvannas would win… I mean she managed to get a plague to kill both living and undead, and have outsmarted Arthas both in Lordaeron(pre combining with Ner'zhul THE LICH KING) and Icecrown Wrath Gate(even though it's not her doing it… but it still works since Arthas just flee from the scene after "deflecting" an attack from Saurfang Jr.)

    in head-on combat bitch boi would win, but in terms of using their heads, morally grey bitch would win.

  9. Well lich king did one shot like 20 – 30 characters in one foul swipe… And do to silvanus being undead and the lich king having magic that can control the undead, he most likely can use it to her own weakness…. Soooo, I would say lich king still wins just barely through slighty more attack potency (when he does hit her), and magic which can be used against her (that can hold her still or something allowing him to hit her quick ass XD).

    Also just think about it if according to these leaks in this video the jailer is likely the titan Aman'Thul, who is likely the titan who fell and was possesed by C'thun and probably also is possesed by C'Thun this implies yes we are dealing with ALOT of power….BUT, Keep in mind even though this is powerful, look at the jailers crown, it is the exact same as the lich kings helm of domination with the jewl and spikes implying the lich king also has direct power connections to the jailer, not just that considering lich kings over history had continues direct buffs from Kil'jaeden AAAAND Sargeras…. This implies the lich king has at least 66% chance higher then winning then sylvanas, and heck maybe even higher up and above 75% chance, BUT do to this new lich king suppressing the power, and being a disgrace skill wise not magic shielding in time and stuff he still lost… 😐

    RIP My favorite character lore lineage over a wow noob XD… This makes sense power scaling though, since after all Sargeres did admit it would be impossible to invade azeroth with the lich king around.

  10. I was assumimg a reason because Bolvar performed sp badly was because he devoted most of his focus to containing the Scourge and keeping control.

  11. Oh come on now , enough wity the Sylvanas hype, if Bolvar had Frostmourne tge actual source of the Lich King's power tye battle whould have ended differently.

    Arthas as Lich King is a whole different level a Light ex machina and all the souls he had trapped swooping him was needed to defeat him

  12. She will destroy arthas easy im sure the disliies is from arthas fanboys . im sure she hides way more power. And it make sense the story progess and the characters become more powerfull even more for sylvanas tgat gets power for jailer someone who is way above than the lich king

  13. In the way Blizzard is going with the story Sylvanas would certainly win. The Lich King was a mighty being, but he was only an orc spirit trapped within an armor and empowered by the necromantic powers of Kil'jaeden. And Kil'jaeden was a mere mortal empowered by Sargeras (a titan). He was in the same level as Azshara. They both are powerful mortals empowered by god-like beings, but still mortal. So I could assume that the Lich King only had the powers Kil'jaeden gave him and also the powers he stole from the Shadowlands (great part of the Scourge's power comes from Maldraxxas, a realm within the Shadowlands).

    Sylvanas, on the other hand, seems to be empowered by the Jailer, who is a very ancient and powerful being, he may be a titan or something far older than the titans. We don't know much about him, but he certainly seems like a very powerful entity. And besides that, both Sylvanas and the Jailer are feeding on all those souls trapped within the Maw. Thousands died in the war beetween Alliance and Horde, and so both Sylvanas and the Jailer must be insanely powerful right now.

    So yeah, I think Sylvanas would win. And I'm angry, because I hate her character and I hate the way the story is being written just to please her fanbase. While Sylvanas is getting all the spotlight, interesting lore characters and storylines are being treated like shit. Teldrassil was destroyed, Saurfang died like an idiot, Lich King Bolvar was easily defeated, and both Azshara and N'zoth deserved their own espansion. I mean c'mon they couldn't make a single cinematic about the night elves arc? Why it's all about Sylvanas?

  14. Arthas was a good fighter, but there were better. Bolvar was actually a better fighter and tactician, which made him a more dangerous Lich King, had he decided to go on the offensive. However, Sylvanas empowered by the Jailer of the Maw has more raw power, and she is also a master tactician and warrior, having been a general of several armies. This fight isn't Sylvanas vs Bolvar the Lich King; it's Bolvar vs. Sylvanas and the Maw.

  15. Sylvanas wins as things are now. But they probably wouldn't if he was still around. She got MUCH stronger from all the deaths that empowered the Jailer, and through him, herself. But if the Scourge were around, those deaths would most probably bolster the scourge, with the stronger souls, Arthas and Frostmourne. So a stronger Arthas vs a weaker Sylvanas, much more balanced odds.

  16. People mistaking who they would want to win with who would win in the lore. Sylvanas was impowered by one of the most powerful beings in the universe. I dont like it but she would win probobly as easily as she did against bolvar.

  17. I think Sylvanas would be able to win if she kept a cool head and a clear mind during the fight since she’s empowered by one of the most powerful beings ever apparently. But then again she hates Arthas so much it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that she could enter a ”blind rage” type of state and let her guard down.
    Arthas would probably exploit that aswell by taunting her. And if she does let her guard down she’s back to being a slave in the scourge

  18. With the 4 horseman sindragosa khel thuzad and the strong scourge (and bosses from icecrown) he would definitly win , in 1 v 1 we can t be that sure she would win , arthas would know that and never let his gard down and be alone 😉

  19. fact that stormrage was scared to fight her is aproof that she is extremely powerfull . of course that before the battle of azeroth.after the battle sylvanas will be more power maaaan lookat how many person died there.bro its funny that some people compare sylvanas and jainna. i think sylvana will be a bigger threat to azeroth then artas was cause u know(jailer have with out a doubt a great army and the leader is sylvanas she is stronger then arthas and smarter) the crazy thing they were both good persons and they become villans with the same reason

  20. You do have to remember that when Arthas took hold of Frostmourne he was able to crush his former soldiers and raise them immediately. This is without the crown of domination so Arthas was still a mortal who could be slain even being bested and almost killed by Uther. But from there his power started growing and growing even with the power of Ner Zul seeping out of the frozen thrown. It is also stated that common death nights draw power from the shadowlands so Arthas would be able to draw much more power from it making him even more powerful. There is also the fact that Arthas is the only boss we encountered that actually "killed" us. If you look at how Bolvar was able to move the rock pillars in the cinematic for shadowlands and he didn't embrace the power of the crown we can only imagine what Arthas would be able to do. Forgot to mention that Arthas had at least the power of Odyn being able to turn some Valahjar to Val kyr.

  21. wth is wrong with ppl these days she just defeated saurfang and pitiful bolvar thats all current sylvanas cant possibly defeat arthas not even as death knight do you remember that arthas defeated 100 times more powerful opponents like forgotten one (old god) and illidan while being a "mere" death knight not to mention he was losing his power at that moment countless enemies he killed a lot more powerful than sylvanas did she is not that powerful its just that you didnt get used to it because she was always weak comparing to the league she now is in

  22. I disagree, he was indirectly powered by a titan his sword not only did the same thing the jailer. he's shown he's better at combat then her

  23. I think Arthas would win. Boulvar was only preventing the scourge to wreck havock thus he didn’t accept the full power of the dark side.

    Plus Arthas has Frostmourne, the blade that defeated champions like Uther and Illidan and the scourge army he controlled was far more powerful than Boulvar’s

  24. Please made video fantasy duel between malfurion vs thunder king. Because malfurion in the book has became mini god of azeroth

  25. At this rate all the Horde leaders from Vanilla will be dead and the Horde will permanently be labeled the bad guys, thanks Blizzard.

  26. Guessing Frostmourne's power comes from Anima, since it keeps their souls. This is the exact same source of power as the Jailer – and in extension – Sylvanas.
    Arthas had way longer time gathering Anima for Frostmourne than Sylvanas has had, and despite the last war, it's not like there's been that much of an increase in death ever since the Scourge happend.
    The largest amount of death since her pact probably comes from Teldrassil and perhaps the Legion invasion. But Arthas did kill an entire kingdom, significantly larger than Teldrassil, and also most of Northrend. Also all the deaths since the pact hasn't gone entirely to Sylvanas, since I expect the Jailer would've kept quite a bit for himself.
    I'm not sure that Arthas would win, but it would probably come down to whoever had gathered the most Anima, which is hard to know for sure, but given how much time Arthas had, and how much damage he did, I'd put my money on Arthas.

  27. Peak lich king isn’t even the one we fought. The to make arthas remotely killable, we had to find his heart and destroy it in a quest.

    And he still 1 shot us lmao. Peak arthas stomps sylvanas.

  28. Arthas the true king of the undead and ruler of the Scourge. His Scourge army was much stronger and larger, we also don’t know how much he knew about the shadowlands and how to draw power from it. On top of that the souls trapped in Frostmourne increased his power plus its the blade that stabbed Sylvanis and killed her so I’m sure seeing Arthas wielding at her again would bring back some psychological trauma about how she failed to stop him before and of course he would use that to taunt her. It’s also possible that peak Arthas could control her again when she reached the frozen throne I mean with the helm being some sort of gateway or whatever into the shadowlands it is possible that Arthas had some sort of connection there and may have been in powered by the jailer as well.

  29. using a comment i saw in the shadowlands trailer, "she will never lose because some CEO of blizz has a boner for her

  30. Frostmourne was meant to keep the Anima of the Souls under the use of the Lich King. So Arthas have all the souls he slaughtered under his service. He totally obliterates two city states(Dalaran and Quel'Thalas) and left his homeland in ruin.

    Sylvanas has the Jailer sending to her the Anima of the Battle for Azeroth, which means the Night Elf genocyde, the Battle for Lordaeron, Siege of Dazar'Alor, Barrens, Arathi, Kul Tiran skirmishes and the two Sea Battles on Zandalar and on the Open sea.

    Arthas still has more souls because he commited two genocides, while most of Sylvanas war were about balanced battles with controlled casualties, with exception of Teldrassil.

    The fight would be a stalemate, with the nerubian's army and Kel Thuzad coming to rescue Arthas if he end up losing.

  31. How would Sylvanas be able to be empowered by the Jailor if Arthas as the powerful lich king and the jailor of the damned himself was still alive?

  32. It's 3 expansions already (Legion, BFA, and Shadowlands) about Sylvanas. The next cinematic and expansion will be about Sylvanas.

  33. I would say her plan is to have us kill the Jailor to destroy the Maw, therefore avoiding oblivion and saving all of Azeroth, and also, by doing so, claiming the Jailor's power and throne over the Maw for herself.

  34. Sylvanas is Arthas creation
    Only need Apocalips ability and end of fight to kill Arthas need a battel 2 vs 1 like tirion and Darion vs Arthas.

  35. What we love from wotlk that as and overpowered boss in lorewise he surely ballance its never stated that arthas is an excellent warrior at combat. But lich king shake the azeroth through his strategy and plan not brute force.lich king power was to sustain number of the scourges while decreasing his enemy number slowly which mean tirion be like: if we didn't march together we will be doomed one by one.
    In combat if only frostmourne isn't there i bet uther would defeat him, back when arthas just a deathlord his power was way weaker even compared sylvana as we know sylvana nearly got arthas if not because kaelthuzad. While an excellent warrior like saurfang, variant,and other would defeat him in fast battle

  36. Heavily nerfed Arthas (destroyed heart) was playing around with Azeroth's strongest champions and Tirion Fordring, until he got bored and one-shot everybody. That's when some plot bullshit kicked in and he was defeated. So in my humble opinion, Arthas would curbstomp Sylvanas…

  37. For Gods sake you are dumb. There is no way she could beat Arthas at his peak. He defeated champions after just testing them and tyrion only won becouse of his desperate faith in light. Guess that's your opinion only. And it is wrong.

  38. thats a disservice to all the lore and power of all the past characters that struggled and fought arthas. no way she would beat arthas like that.

  39. Sylvanas clearly had windfury totem agaisnt saurfang and using traps in PVP like he did in arthas fight is pretty normal too. That's way to be OP hunter and people think it's empowered by some old-god.. 😀

  40. Arthas would win but they buffing,pushing and upgrading her soooo much i fucking hate her character is to annoying…

  41. We can’t who will win because if Arthas is winning the fight Blizzard would just dickride her again and make her more powerful which i really hate about wow let them make a patch called the sylvanes of the sylvanes fucking dick heads

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