Blackjack Strategy – Playing Safe

Hi, I’m Martin from What I’m gonna do now is show you one or two little strategies that hopefully, with a little bit of good mathematical knowledge, can help you to play Blackjack a little bit strategically and a little bit more cleverly. It’s a game of skill if you apply it properly. In […]

How to Play Blackjack – Insurance

Insurance. Insurance is something you don’t see too often in the casino’s. It’s a way of you insuring yourself against the Dealer getting a Blackjack and you losing all your money and all of your chips in a hand. I’ve got a nice hand set up for you already, I know what’s going to happen, […]

Blackjack Basic Strategy

Hi, this is the blackjack tutorial on behalf on Blackjack Today we will learn what blackjack basic strategy is and how to use it to improve your blackjack odds. In order to decrease the casino advantage when playing blackjack online or at the land casino you should use a set of mathematically correct decisions, […]

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