My First Gambling Experience

(Domics Intro) My first gambling experience happened when I was maybe, mmm, eight or nine years old. No, I didn’t sneak into a casino, or bet on chicken fights (That happened when I was 12) No, my first participation in gambling involved the kids currency of my elementary school’s recess grounds – Slammers! If you […]

Salad Fingers First 10 episodes.

(we’re in for a hell of a ride) Salad Fingers all episodes 1-10 Salad Fingers Episode 1 ‘Spoons’ (this is salad fingers i guess) Hello (stranger danger) I like rusty spoons (do you now?) hehe uhh i like to touch them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) meh The feeling of rust (uh) Against my salad […]

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