Game Theory – Pilot Episode

Omar Bawzy I gotta tell you Omar this resume looks pretty thin little to no work experience no accolades attributes applicable skills I can get college interns for these office and you haven’t even completed a simple high school diploma Now I’ve talked to your father Told him, I’d do what I could to get […]

Random Poker game

Oh, somebody’s at the door. Welcome! A’huh. Hmmm. What sort of gentlemen might you be? Hey, brother, give me five! How did you get inside? I came thru the window. I see, I see. Well at least there’s someone to play with. Let’s get started. Well that’s weird. Drink Euroshopper, play Counter strike. I hope […]


(Jigglypuff) ♪ Jigglypuff, Jiggly– ♪ (Ian) Shut up! (Ash) I can’t believe I’m finally a Pokémon trainer! I’m gonna catch ’em all and nothing is gonna stand in my way! Hey, what the hell is this guy doing? Oh, that guy? He’s just waiting to fight ya! What? I don’t wanna fight him! Well, do […]

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