Texas Holdem

Nếu bài của bạn kết hợp với bài trên bàn thành 1 bộ 5 cây liên tiếp nhau ví dụ như 4,5,6,7,8 thì được gọi là Sảnh (Straight) The objective on this game is to create the best five card poker hand possible using any combination of a player’s two whole cards and five community […]

The Gambler’s Fallacy

I’ve lost the last eight rounds, I’m due for some good cards. We’ve won every coin toss so far. Our luck must be running out. This type of thinking might be common, but that doesn’t stop it from being wrong. This is called the gambler’s fallacy, or the Monte Carlo fallacy. The mistaken idea that […]


Yo, what’s up guys, welcome back, just got back from Italy and I’ll get into some of that in a minute, But before I do I want to say, I want to say thank you, as we just hit 250,000 subscribers That’s a quarter of a million subscribers guys. That’s insane to me. Starting off […]

Poker Hand Rankings Explained

My name’s Lee from Gambling.com and today we’re going to look at every single poker hand and explain where they rank Before we jump into the hands themselves the first thing you should be aware of is card hierarchy In poker cards are ranked 2 to Ace Poker hands are made up from a combination […]

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