Board Games : About Poker Chips

Hi, my name is Windy Challey for Games of Berkeley, and this is about poker chips. When you go to buy a set of poker chips you need to make the first decision which is what material do you want your poker chips to be. The least expensive version is a simple plastic chip often […]

Apple is (kind of) a Game Company

When I say “Game Company”, you think of Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, those who shall not be named Unless you have a really good memory, or really love Chess , you don’t think of Apple. And for pretty good reason. You can drop $13,000 on a brand new iMac Pro and only have a decent gaming […]

AI Playing Games: Crash Course AI #12

Jabril: D7 John-Green-bot: Miss. John-Green-bot: I-9 Jabril: NOOOOOOOOOO Hey, I’m Jabril and welcome to Crash Course AI! John-Green-bot might struggle with some things like natural language processing and moving through the real world, but using AI he’s pretty good at board games. AI researchers spend a LOT of time trying to teach AI how to […]

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