Milton Friedman on Gambling

CARD DEALER: Cards are coming out now, high wager players saying they have… (poker chips clicking, background conversation) FRIEDMAN: When the evening started, all of these players had about the same number of chips in front of them. But, as the play progressed they surely didn’t, some won, some lost. By the end of the […]

Game Theory – Pilot Episode

Omar Bawzy I gotta tell you Omar this resume looks pretty thin little to no work experience no accolades attributes applicable skills I can get college interns for these office and you haven’t even completed a simple high school diploma Now I’ve talked to your father Told him, I’d do what I could to get […]

My First Gambling Experience

(Domics Intro) My first gambling experience happened when I was maybe, mmm, eight or nine years old. No, I didn’t sneak into a casino, or bet on chicken fights (That happened when I was 12) No, my first participation in gambling involved the kids currency of my elementary school’s recess grounds – Slammers! If you […]

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