RAKE – [Horror] Short Film 💀

(Deep ambient sound) (Footsteps) (Door opens) Dr. Benson: Hi Audrey. Dr. Benson: I’m doctor Benson. Dr. Benson: Would you mind if I sat down? Dr. Benson: I’d like to talk to you about that night. Dr. Benson: I know you feel… Dr. Benson: Alone. And… Dr. Benson: That your story is unbelievable but… Dr. Benson: […]

Top 5 Gambling Films Ever Made

Inside or outside the casino, there’s nothing better to get a story going than a bet. When money’s on the line, tensions can get high. These are our top 5 picks for the best films all about gambling. Casino Royale was the big reboot of Bond. It was strange then that half of the film […]

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