Sports Betting Tips App by OLBG

This is Dave, he enjoys having a bet He studies the form and follows so-called pundits, but doesn’t have much luck. Dave’s mate Steve seems to have regular winners. He tells Dave, “When you’re not sure, this app helps you choose your bets, with: – 1000’s of tips from expert tipsters – with profitability scores […]

Football Round Robin Betting

There’s nothing worse than watching a parlay fail by one line. But a round robin can beat this – spreading the risk by turning a parlay into multiple bets. And in turn, boosting your chances in exchange for shorter odds. Take this typical 3 line NFL wager. If you take this as a parlay, a […]

Sports Betting Star

i’m the creator of sports betting star the world’s number one rated sports betting system and i want you to stop everything you’re doing and paid close attention because in this video i’m going to share with you i a simple system that you can use to easily win over ninety five percent of your […]

NFL Prop Betting Explained

NFL prop betting allows you to bet on a wide variety of events that can happen in connection with the NFL. Here are some examples Player props, like whether the starting quarterback will throw over or under a certain number of touchdown passes. Team props, like how many touchdowns the whole team will score. Game […]

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