What Makes Gambling Addictive?

We’re interested firstly in the psychology of gambling games where we are particularly interested in modern slot machines; and secondly, we’re looking to understand the risk factors for gambling addiction because this is something that causes some people a great deal of harm and distress. Problem gambling has been recognized as a disorder since 1980, […]

Binary Options are Gambling Not Investment!

If it’s heads you double your investment, if it’s tails you lose everything. That’s the essence of a binary option. Many unscrupulous people are packaging these as investments. But it’s not an investment, it’s gambling! So if you want to understand what a binary option is or what options are in general then watch this […]

The problem with video gambling machines

This is a video gambling machine. Across the U.S., you’ll find more than a 100,000 of them offering up electronic versions of games like poker or slots. The machines — designed to be highly entertaining and addictive — have taken the gambling industry by storm. 23 states have them in state-sponsored casinos or other gambling […]

Dorkly Bits – Sonic’s Gambling Problem

[Slot Machine Noise] [Rings] Great job, Sonic! Let’s go! Not yet, we’re almost at a hundred rings. [Buzzing] God damn it! It’s okay, there’s plenty more rings over there! No, no, hold on. It’s fine. I got this. [Slot Machine Noise] [Buzzing] Just quit while you’re ahead– It’s alright! I got a good feeling about […]

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