Top 10 Dr Disrespect Funniest Moments

Hey guys! Welcome back to Top 10 Gaming, Iím Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. If youíre big on the YouTube gaming scene, youíll probably know Dr. Disrespect. Maybe youíre a fan, maybe youíve seen a few videos, but everyone at least recognizes him as ìThat dude with the moustache, mullet, and sunglasses whoís all American and stuff.î Yeah, […]


– Office – fufu~n, Producer-san! The Cute Sachiko is here~! It sure has become noticeably more Autumn-like recently, so are you feeling lonely about not being able to meet me~? That’s right, when it comes to Autumn it’s my cute self’s time to shine! Of course, I’m cute at any season but more so during […]

Heretic Gods Episode 3: Gambling System

Good day everybody! Shanochi here! Welcome to the third episode Heretic Gods! Today episode We will be taking a look at the gambling system Now first and foremost the gambling system allow player to exchange a gold currency for a rare item These items are totally randomized so some of the stats can be either […]

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