DRIVE INTER | Antonio Candreva

The Drive Inter pedals will be graced today by the feet of a player who’s meat and drink is setting up goals. Over time, he’s made the right flank his own. This week’s guest on Drive Inter is Antonio… Hi Antonio. Hi! Good afternoon, welcome along, you’re the latest guest on Drive Inter. We’re honoured […]

San Jamar T1400 Smart System Roll Towel Dispenser

Hey, this is Danny D on CleanIt TV and welcome the San Jamar T1400 Electronic Smart System Roll Towel Dispenser, available at Here we have the San Jamar T1400 Electronic Smart Paper Towel Dispensing System, available at This dispenser is the Cadillac from San Jamar. I want to break it down for you; […]

Playing MiMiQ card game

Howdy Partners, and today I brought you here to this little get together to play a real serious game right now. It’s called MiMiQ and basically let’s get right into it. Do you even know the rules? So… do you know the rules? What are the rules? I don’t know the rules. Someone else explain […]

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