I flop THE NUTS at Motor City Casino

behind me is Wildwood elementary school this is where I spent the first seven years of schooling of my life times were good at Wildwood I worked my way up the ranks and became a trusted member of the society in Westland Michigan at the start of sixth grade there were two extracurricular programs which […]

TRAPPED at The Wynn!

a company reached out to me on Twitter said sorry you had a horrible experience getting a professional shave we’re gonna show you what a professional shave is all about come to Elliot & Co and we’ll take care of you for free you know I love free so I guess I’ll give it one […]

Back to Back 🏆 @ The Wynn???

first I’d like to thank all the viewers for their warm welcome back appreciated all the great comments it’s good to be back it’s good to know that you guys really enjoy the content so I’ll continue to put it out to the best of my ability today is Saturday you know that means we’re […]

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