WILL I WIN $74,149???

it’s time that we go get a haircut but not today today we have a much bigger fish to fry at the wind $600 buying 250 K guaranteed exceeded the prize pool we’re looking at four hundred thousand in the prize pool up for grabs we’re coming in below average 60,000 chips at 2400 big […]

The Wynn $225 REBUY – A Poker Vlog

with blinds at 75 150 under the gun lamps few other limbers we check our option in the big blind with Jack three of Hearts the flop comes Queen Jack three two diamonds one heart we lead out for value and protection under the gun snap grazes to 1,100 mid position calls I think putting […]

ROBBERY at Bellagio!

I think it’s time for a little change of scenery instead of the Venetian or the wind today let’s go to the Bellagio my second favorite Casino very classy excellent upscale clientele pretty good poker room tables are a little bit too close but you know no one’s perfect they’re having a little 565 Five […]

World Series Of Poker Circuit MONSTER Stack!

come say the 1 million and $1 guaranteed million dollar Sunday’s tournament every Sunday afternoon on America’s card room I have arrived at the Rio home of the World Series of Poker today we’ll be playing the three hundred and sixty five dollar monster stack circuit event twenty thousand chips 30 minute levels hopefully going […]

$21 HYPER TURBO $10,000 Guarantee!

what’s up guys jeff Bosque here we’re on the stone bubble of the eleven dollar 15k pipe turbo I am Rollins could be a short stream or it could be a long one either way we’re all in let’s go pocket sixes let’s hold all right take it down and forehand show you the lobby […]

$33 $30,000 Guaranteed! 11 players remain

all right welcome to the stream we’re now hand for hand approaching the final table shout out to glove city who just showed up in the chat let’s get this final table and let’s hope the YouTube stream works well some problems with freezing maybe with less tables and no music we won’t get the […]

$185,000 FREEROLL!

it took three months but I have accumulated 120 cash game hours at Southpoint exclusively one two No Limit Hold’em I set out to a goal I wanted to quit once I got to the 40-hour mark I wanted to quit when I got to the 60 hour mark but I realized we were past […]

The Las Vegas Poker Grind

you 7:30 p.m. on a Sunday where the hell are we going I am at the South Point Hotel Casino in Las Vegas I got a hot tip that there’s a real soft poker tournament here every Sunday night at 6 o’clock usually I’m at home playing tonight I bricked everything and here we are […]

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