Am I QUITTING Poker Forever???

World Series of Poker $10,000 main event day 265 thousand chips going to 600 big blind over a hundred blinds so we’re going to keep the pressure on table draw is very soft with the exception of two guys that have 100k and 600 K in winnings so we’re probably going to avoid them if […]

A Wynn Poker Tournament

On this edition of Boski’s favorite things let’s talk about condoms. believe it or not in high school I was pretty uneducated when it came to condoms all they taught us in sex ed was don’t use the lambskin ones they don’t protect against STDs make sure their latex eventually I figured out that there’s […]

Las Vegas Legends Strip Club!

Jeff Boski is back! Where am I?? I’m at Legends gentlemen’s club with none other than Stephan Bonnar UFC Hall of Famer welcome how you doing Jeff it’s a pleasure excited to be here I’m you know I love a strip club I’ve been to many in Las Vegas none have been quite like legends […]

2019 WSOP mini MAIN EVENT!

1994 my first bowling league high game 180 pins 1994 second high series in the league 481 1995 second highest series 595 1996 second place in the morning teams league 1996 high series 6 16 1997 Michigan State junior champion of Magic the Gathering 1999 juniors Super Series world champion Magic the Gathering $10,000 check […]

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