A Wynn Poker Tournament

On this edition of Boski’s favorite things let’s talk about condoms. believe it or not in high school I was pretty uneducated when it came to condoms all they taught us in sex ed was don’t use the lambskin ones they don’t protect against STDs make sure their latex eventually I figured out that there’s […]

UNBELIEVABLE COOLER at the World Series of Poker

welcome everybody I’m Michael Loncar I’m here today joined by Norm Macdonald comedian and actor America’s cardroom sponsored pro Tom cannoli and America’s Cardin sponsored pro Jeff Boesky it’s been a great world series not monetarily but experience wise just seeing everybody in the hallways what’s up love the vlogs I played with you on […]

A Magical Night in Las Vegas

excited happy birthday Jeff oh thank you yeah how old are you 36 36 all right guys let’s all thank you the reason why we’re doing this what is this then we take the bones to the back chop them up and deep-fry them send them back Cory I’m sorry yeah tonight have a basic […]

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