X-Ray Playing Cards — LÜT #44

There’s nothing cooler than Uncle Jessie shades. Except the Coolest cooler featuring a USB Charger, bottle opener, waterproof wireless speakers, and a blender. This is episode 44 of LÜT. Hit the road with GasPods on your car to reduce drag and save money on fuel. Thanks to aerodynamics Then fuel your food with fire with […]

The Loot Box Gambling Problem

Maxwell Gamer: This is my last loot box – 2 loot boxes left. When am I gonna get a legendary? I have one legendary skin, but it was a duplicate. LAST loot box! YES! *gasps* I’ve been wanting one of the Widowmaker skins! *claps* Welcome to Media/Pool, I’m Joshua Courtney. Loot boxes are a regular […]

Anthem Review

(grand music) (explosions) – (James) I’ve played far too many games like Anthem, an online RPG that only makes good on its promise of meaningful multiplayer gameplay and progression after you’ve labored through it’s long-winded and repetitive story quests. Anthem’s end game is surprisingly fun since it’s already excellent combat is reinvigorated by interesting loot […]

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