Top 10 Dr Disrespect Funniest Moments

Hey guys! Welcome back to Top 10 Gaming, Iím Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. If youíre big on the YouTube gaming scene, youíll probably know Dr. Disrespect. Maybe youíre a fan, maybe youíve seen a few videos, but everyone at least recognizes him as ìThat dude with the moustache, mullet, and sunglasses whoís all American and stuff.î Yeah, […]

Forsen Competes in a Swedish Poker Competition

Sheep Island, Gotland. We are back with Bootcamp 2016. 6 people will get the best benefits to win the national poker championship online Let’s go! In every episode the participants battle it out to win a private poker lesson with our coach Jonatan Fag. And those who don’t win gets another lesson around the same […]

YouTube Under Attack (Boycott Taylor Swift)

boycott Taylor swift i mean, that is if you care about youtubers and youtube in general the fact is this woman seems to be worth $200 million and apparently she’s been complaining because she’s not getting enough money. are you fucking kidding me. anyway these musicians are mad at youtube because despite youtube paying out […]

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