Germany’s lifting the casino ban?!

Hey, did you miss me? It’s Playattack News — your personal playbook of everything that’s hot on our platform and the world of online gambling. Today: – The long-awaited sports betting feature on all Playattack brands – A massive tournament for SlotV Casino’s birthday with a prize fund of $100 000! – Another super-tournament called […]

Formula 1 Fans Celebrate Lotto win

I’m Lisa Forgie, this is my fiance, Neil Robertson and last Wednesday we won five numbers and the bonus ball on the National Lottery! I was er, I was in my taxi. I was out working and Lisa phoned and said “I need you to come home.” and I said “Why, what’s wrong?” ‘cos she […]

Grant Has a Gambling Problem (Heist Night 4/5)

(theme music) – Remember, everyone needs to execute their job perfectly or the plan won’t work. (slot machine beeping) Rick is on her way. It’s showtime people. – Got the marbles, ready to spin them. – I’m partying hard at the bar. – You fools better remember to tip. (glasses clink) – I’m ready to […]

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