Germany’s lifting the casino ban?!

Hey, did you miss me? It’s Playattack News — your personal playbook of everything that’s hot on our platform and the world of online gambling. Today: – The long-awaited sports betting feature on all Playattack brands – A massive tournament for SlotV Casino’s birthday with a prize fund of $100 000! – Another super-tournament called […]

Best Online Casino Promotions – July 2016

We’re taking a look at all the promotions you should be paying attention to throughout the the month of July. As always, you can find links in the description below, to both the casinos themselves and our written reviews. With that all said, let’s get started. All throughout July at Mr Green casino, they’re giving […]

Guide To Paysafecard Depositing At Mobile Casinos

Hello and welcome to the Droid Slots guide to Paysafecard. This a quick runthrough of how you can use Paysafecard to make deposits at your online casino, all from your mobile phone. Paysafecard is a unique payment method as it uses vouchers. Each voucher can be bought from any high street store that sells Paysafecard. […]

5 Amazing Casino Scams That Actually Worked

People are pretty ingenious and when it comes to finding creative ways to cheat the casino. Some have gone above and beyond; From using brute force, to smart gadgets, these are the 5 cleverest ways people have cheated the casino. Obvious disclaimer, This is NOT a tutorial. In 1973, a French Roulette dealer built a […]

Poker Hand Rankings Explained

My name’s Lee from and today we’re going to look at every single poker hand and explain where they rank Before we jump into the hands themselves the first thing you should be aware of is card hierarchy In poker cards are ranked 2 to Ace Poker hands are made up from a combination […]

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