Jeff Boski’s first Poker Vlog

all right vlog day 1 we are on the way to play a $400 super stack tournament at the Venetian should be a big turnout day twos tomorrow trying to bag and tag you we made it eighteen thousand starting stack you all right two hours in first break is done went from 18,000 to […]

The Las Vegas Poker Grind

you 7:30 p.m. on a Sunday where the hell are we going I am at the South Point Hotel Casino in Las Vegas I got a hot tip that there’s a real soft poker tournament here every Sunday night at 6 o’clock usually I’m at home playing tonight I bricked everything and here we are […]

I flop THE NUTS at Motor City Casino

behind me is Wildwood elementary school this is where I spent the first seven years of schooling of my life times were good at Wildwood I worked my way up the ranks and became a trusted member of the society in Westland Michigan at the start of sixth grade there were two extracurricular programs which […]

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