The World Series Of Poker $1,500 Event

Poker tournament selection much like life is all about decisions one decision could lead you down the correct path while another decision could Spiral you out of control into Bustoville today There’s a $700 Planet Hollywood day one see that might overlay There’s a 1500 at the World Series of Poker There’s a 400 at […]

Will I Win $187,233 Today?

day 2 of the Venetian $600 super stack $750,000 guaranteed I think they got around 1.2 million in the prize pool about 500 people remain 250 or so pay reeling feeling great today with two of my buddies on separate day threes one of the World Series one at Aria WPT 550 200k up top […]


she’s trying to sell you some weed today let’s go to a different casino let’s go to Planet Hollywood definitely my least favorite casino but we’re not gonna let that negativity affect our play today just because I’ve had no results and many many complaints about the location the staff the rake etc doesn’t mean […]

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