SML Movie: Jeffy’s Wifi Problem!

*grunting* *dont change this one, it is perfect* Stupid 12 year olds! I’m wrecking you kids! (savage) Uh *360 CARSCOPE* UHHHHHHHH UHHHHHHHHHHH (Everyone Cheering In The Game) How does Jeffy’s nuts taste?! *grunt* *grunt* *again* *grunt* *3rd time* *grunt* *4th time* Alright Jeffy, it’s time for do your chores. *mocking* It’s time to do your […]

Buying XBOX Gift Card From Amazon!

hey what’s up guys so today I’m gonna show you how to buy Xbox gift cards or Live Gold membership so stay tuned okay first things first we have to go to this page right here I will leave the link in the description that’s gonna take you to the same page right here you […]

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