Superhero Strip Poker Ft. Candice Patton

Today we’re betting on superheroes. Let’s talk about that!( music playing )Good Mythical Morning! Today we’ve got a super, supa, supa– – Supa. Supa. – Supa. Supa. – Supa. Supa. – Supa, supa. – Supa. – Supa show! – It’s gonna be great. – Yeah. Rhett and I are gonna guess a mystery object – […]

Spicy Food Showdown

Can we tell how spicy food is just by looking at it? Lets talk about that. Theme music Good mythical morning Today I am wearing my spicy shirt and by spicy shirt I just mean a red shirt because I just want to signify that that’s the only type of spicy that I like. -Oh […]

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