Game Theory – Pilot Episode

Omar Bawzy I gotta tell you Omar this resume looks pretty thin little to no work experience no accolades attributes applicable skills I can get college interns for these office and you haven’t even completed a simple high school diploma Now I’ve talked to your father Told him, I’d do what I could to get […]

Das Poker Duell | Gute Arbeit Originals

Check. Showdown, please. Unbelievable! Karina Pauliani wins this unbelievable pot. And at this point, this is of course a consequential defeat for Galifianaco. He barely has any chips left and the next hand, very probably, will be the deciding one for him. This is her hand: nine, ten. Call. Definitely something you would want to […]

$100K Challenge Vlog #3

Hello, since the beginning of the challenge I´ve been playing with 200 buy-ins but now that i got a bit better I feel like it´s actually make me slower when it comes on moving up on stacks. I think that I need to be a bit more aggressive bankroll wise. But at the same time […]

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