Rounder University – Welcome Video

Hello, and welcome to Rounder University, I’m UnexceptionalRounder and thanks for taking a couple minutes to find out what this poker community is all about. Rounder University is a community focused on Texas holdem poker strategy and training. While the focus is online poker, all the principles here apply to live poker just as well, […]

Winning Blackjack Basic Strategy

– The single most important thing you will ever learn in playing Blackjack, or becoming a card counter, is a system called Basic Strategy. So what it Basic Strategy, and why do you need to know it? I’m gonna answer that in this video. (funky music) The absolute foundation to beating Blackjack is Basic Strategy. […]

Copy Our Sports Bets for $1 Each

When it comes to betting on sports, most lose money over the long term, yet, why do all sports gamblers keep using the same approach? Its because they assume there is no alternative but to place wagers on the most competitive games and the most popular teams. They mismanage their bankroll and profits by not […]

Game Theory – Pilot Episode

Omar Bawzy I gotta tell you Omar this resume looks pretty thin little to no work experience no accolades attributes applicable skills I can get college interns for these office and you haven’t even completed a simple high school diploma Now I’ve talked to your father Told him, I’d do what I could to get […]

【Eternal card game #3】Wisp Chakram Deck

Hey what’s up everyone! Welcome to Yoshi game world! Today I’m gonna share my Ephemeral Wisp, Steelfang Charkram deck. We can reuse Ephemeral Wisp and Steelfang Chakram if they are put into a void from the battlefield. So you can keep up the pressure with this combo. Ephemeral Wisp also has great synergy with Predator’s […]

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