What Makes Gambling Addictive?

We’re interested firstly in the psychology of gambling games where we are particularly interested in modern slot machines; and secondly, we’re looking to understand the risk factors for gambling addiction because this is something that causes some people a great deal of harm and distress. Problem gambling has been recognized as a disorder since 1980, […]

I paid for the Hooked app and immediately regretted it

[Martha]:There’s a rumor going around that Trevor Holt has the biggest… you-know-what. [Drew]:Skiiiip Youtube, stop showing me this ad I don’t wanna download Hooked Anyway, now I can watch my video [music] (Internal voice): What’d they mean his “you-know-what?” I don’t know what! And frankly, I don’t appreciate the assumption that I would. Whatever. I’m […]

Film Theory: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared DECODED!

Notebook:”What’s your favourite idea?” Notebook: “Mine is being creative!” MatPat: Oh yeah? MatPat: Well, mine is unraveling the mysteries of insane viral videos. (Wicked distorted title sequence!) Hello, Internet! Welcome to Film Theory, The YouTube version of your uncle who thinks that everything’s a conspiracy. “Why, yes, Uncle Bob!” “I DO think it’s strange that […]

Making Success A MUST

– Hey, it’s Brendon, and this is a special episode of The Brendon Show because I’m going to teach you a concept that is so important to your high performance which is your ability to succeed over the long-term. It’s one topic, it’s one concept, and it kinda blew my mind. I mean, you know […]

DEALT – Official Trailer [HD]

A mechanic is somebody who can fix something. An auto mechanic fixes a car, a body mechanic is a professional killer. I’m a card mechanic I can fix a card game. Ace of cards Richard Turner. He can do things with cards no one else can do. He’s a trickster! He’s demonstrating the moves used […]

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