Lotto Bros Fireball What

So you’re saying it’s a total loss? Not a total loss…yea I was hit by a fireball. It was a meteor. A meteor is a space fireball…potato tomato. Look I don’t care how it happened, I don’t believe you. You don’t believe I was hit by a fireball. I don’t believe that you are even […]

5 Amazing Casino Scams That Actually Worked

People are pretty ingenious and when it comes to finding creative ways to cheat the casino. Some have gone above and beyond; From using brute force, to smart gadgets, these are the 5 cleverest ways people have cheated the casino. Obvious disclaimer, This is NOT a tutorial. In 1973, a French Roulette dealer built a […]

USAriadna – Blackjack

Hello everybody!!! Welcome to the Conversion Showcase. This time we’re gonna have a look at this little bit of conversion It actually is a small conversion if anything. It’s just a head swap When I heard about this figure and I asked to look at it. I was intrigued by the concept In fact, when […]

Gambling Addiction Treatment

Someone who’s addicted to gambling will do anything to get their substance of choice, be it gambling in this case. You know, you’ll lie, you’ll steal, you’ll defraud banks. You’ll do anything you can to get money, just so you can gamble. I found, for myself, I realized I was a gambling addict when I […]

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