Binary Options are Gambling Not Investment!

If it’s heads you double your investment, if it’s tails you lose everything. That’s the essence of a binary option. Many unscrupulous people are packaging these as investments. But it’s not an investment, it’s gambling! So if you want to understand what a binary option is or what options are in general then watch this […]

Dorkly Bits – Sonic’s Gambling Problem

[Slot Machine Noise] [Rings] Great job, Sonic! Let’s go! Not yet, we’re almost at a hundred rings. [Buzzing] God damn it! It’s okay, there’s plenty more rings over there! No, no, hold on. It’s fine. I got this. [Slot Machine Noise] [Buzzing] Just quit while you’re ahead– It’s alright! I got a good feeling about […]

The Magic Economics of Gambling

This video was made possible by Squarespace. Build your beautiful website for 10% off at According to conventional economic rules, casinos shouldn’t be able to exist. That’s because conventional economic rules assume humans are rational. Conventional economic rules would predict that, if someone offered you a deal where you gave them $100 and they […]

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