Sports Betting Keys: Creating & Sticking With A Staking Plan – Sports Betting Basics & How-To Guides

Welcome to this sports betting how-to video. I’m Drew Goldfarb, and today we’ll be breaking down “Staking Plans”. Whether you’re betting on football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or anything else, make sure to check out for all of your sports betting needs. Staking plans are an important part of sports betting. A staking plan […]

Bet Tracking for Advanced Sports Betting

I’m the Odds Coach. A vital first step in successful sports betting is bet tracking. Bet tracking is one of those activities that separates a square sports better from a really sharp successful one. Every professional sports bettor tracks their bets in a spreadsheet in some form or another. It’s going to help you go […]

X-Ray Playing Cards — LÜT #44

There’s nothing cooler than Uncle Jessie shades. Except the Coolest cooler featuring a USB Charger, bottle opener, waterproof wireless speakers, and a blender. This is episode 44 of LÜT. Hit the road with GasPods on your car to reduce drag and save money on fuel. Thanks to aerodynamics Then fuel your food with fire with […]

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