The Science Of Gambling

For some people the risk and excitement of gambling is a bit of fun and maybe even a chance to win some money. But like alcohol, drugs, eating, shopping, or gaming gambling can develop into a harmful habit. Someone with a gambling addiction will keep on gambling despite any negative effects it’s having and even […]

Youth & Consequences (Ep 1) – The Hanging Chadwick Part 1

[♪][woman singing in French][Farrah]High school is just one big buzz sawthat grinds people up into little bite-sized pieces.Some people just do a better jobat avoiding the teeth.[phone rings] [Sarah]Hey, Farrah, where are you?Why hasn’t today started? [Sarah]They won’t let us in the school.Be there in a minute.[woman singing in French][Farrah]That’s Sarah Hurley.She and I almost […]

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