100 thoughts on “TELEPORT a Playing Card INSTANTLY!!

  1. You know what is the meaning of that word which is written on his shoes it's a hindi world which means (world)

  2. idk if its a flash or if im getting better lmao, didnt notice the move in the twitter vid but saw it RIGHT away on the larger monitor, ya boi cant do them but at least he knows.

  3. Off topic Chris,I was watching some of your older vids, (cleaning out the closet 2017) You mentioned you were going to use the appearing stripper pole in a vid…… lol epic, if you did, which vid ……or is it coming soon lol.

  4. Hey Chris, I just started a YouTube channel and was hoping you could give me a shoutout to boost my channel. Would really appreciate it, thanks

  5. hey, i love the videos and the tricks have helped me a lot in getting better with magic but my decks are crappy and old and i was wondering if you could send me a pack???

  6. I just wanted to thank you for sparking my Interest in card collection and card tricks, it really is wonderful!

  7. Hi Chris, or anyone else, about silhouette, does it need a phone to perform? i know chris said that you could perform on stage with and big light but i just want to make sure before investing.

  8. I’m a graphic artist and don’t know much about playing cards but I’m designing a deck of cards and I will only make two of these decks and I want to send you one is there a open P.O. Box or something like that I can mail you love your stuff though you inspired me on this venture

  9. currently at 0:15 because I think I caught the trick, when you flipped the selected card, you also grabbed a card from the top part and acted as if it were the selected card, then you kept your finger on the real one and popped it at the end, fucking amazing trick.

  10. Hey Chris
    How do you upload your thumbnail
    This is kind of a silly question but can you please answer it….
    Thanks 🙂😌

  11. I am in love with this effect!! I've been practicing nonstop since I watched your video! Thank you for the tutorial! Love all your content, you're the best!!

  12. Guys sorry for the spam but I have recently started my own youtube channel about magic and related stuff and I would really appreciate feedback from you guys…thanks 🙂

  13. First off, thank you to dan buck for allowing chris to share this move, very awesome! Second off, how are you popping the card while in straddle? are you applying a lot of pressure? Are you pulling the rest of the cards underneath closer to the crease of your hand? I just have some trouble with the pop :/

  14. Hey Chris, you used this trick in one of your intro's a while ago and I loved it so much that I figured out how it to do it myself by watchig the intro over and over. I really like how you created a slight variation. I will definetely add this to the trick myself aswell!

  15. NORMALLY your card tutorials are great but this effect looks so bad when i saw the first demonstration I thought it was a joke because of how obvious it was

  16. You were wearing a shoe with Hindi on it!!🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
    Love from India 🇮🇳 pin me Chris please

  17. I almost got it, I thought you picked 2 cards together so when you flip them you show the bottom one and then you put the top one on the other hand. I didn't see at all that card slide on top of the other lol.

  18. Hello brother, Good wishes. Request to teach us different types magic and do continue to make us happy whole day till the end of the year regularly. We are very happy to watch you in the screen. You really are a great teacher and demonstrator of card tricks of which you are a master. Your contribution towards magic is so great. May God bless you and grant you a very good healthy long life with maximum strength to entertain us for all the time. Really we are good fan of you. Request to send a half photo autograph of your own with any thing you want by post. Yours Magically, Magician Suresh Ch. Jena and Family. Nan Pur-w, Balichandra Pur, Jaj Pur, Pin-754205.Odisha.India.

  19. I’m just getting into card magic and slight of hand stuff. My hands are killing me after 15 minutes of practice. Does anyone have any advice on them not hurting or does that just come with the territory until your hands get use to it?

  20. Thank you so much because im 12 and i started doing magic 2 years ago and now im doing shows and i am really good at it because of you

    Sorry for my grammar i am serbian and im not to good at english

  21. People keep complaining that Asad from 52Kards talks too much. I don't see why this video/channel is any different. Actual tutorial starts at 3:38.

  22. Hes sitting over here doing all this cool shit and I'm still trying to learn how to fan the cards with both hands lmao.

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