Testing Out $800 LOUIS VUITTON Playing Cards!!

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100 thoughts on “Testing Out $800 LOUIS VUITTON Playing Cards!!

  1. Did he not notice the small dude on the back of the cards? It was a silhouette of a dude like on the inside of the circle

  2. Yeah so this is a piece for a collection, it’s not intended for use, it’s like the Louis Vuitton World Cup soccer ball. Obviously these won’t be good for playing with them because that’s not why they were made. Their a collection item 🙄

  3. Meh, I always saw LV like a brand that does stuff that's okay but not for the price they're selling it. Especially the LV pattern, I just can't see what's so cool about it that you have to put it over every little fabric or leather piece you have. Actually I think it's more ugly than pleasant. Even the look of their stuff, idk, to me it just looks like any normal leather item you could buy, with the downside being that it just looks more fragile.

  4. When i were 4-5 my grandfather always told me i would get his boat when he cycled (rode a bike in my head) so i keept nagging him when he was going to cycle, i never thought he meant when he died that i found later in life.

  5. What do you think the Project Olympians limited edition deck from Olympiansplayingcards.com? They are so smooth and almost never clump and they are USPCC….

  6. Short answer : No
    Long answer : Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Im sorry to say but your box logo is fake , by that curve of the box logo is very well know in fakes and the wrinkles on it says its not the same material as the original

  8. Girl that's a dust cover 💅🏻 you're dealing with LV now… OMG lmao I feel bad for his wallet that's some hypey-hype hype beast shit 😂

  9. Chris Ramsay in 2018: “Now I’m not one too pay $650 for anything regarding playing cards”

    Chris Ramsay in 2019: “So I went on EBay and spent $800 on this (playing cards)”

  10. They are really nice looking and the presentation they have with them is pretty amazing but dont think ill ever be able to spend that much on a deck of cards lol

  11. Best playing cards we had at home were pre-WW2, made out of aluminium foil in the middle for rigidity and cardboard for printing. They were obviously guilded on the sides with gold. They were very heavy (for playing cards) and felt they would last a century or two. The two sets came in a dark green leather pouch. They came from Switzerland. So… you can keep your 'faux-riche' Louis Vuitton set.

  12. I dont think there are only gonna be 12 decks. I think maybe there will be 12 different designs on the inside of the packaging.

  13. Garbage straight poo poo le poo worth more more than my two shoes wtf kill myself or your self which ever comes first

  14. $8 card or $800 cards…compering. lol while wearing a $400-$500 crew neck sweater lol when u can get a $5 crew neck sweater hahaha the irony

  15. I forget that Canadians learn French as their second language and I was so confused and impressed 😂😂

    I don’t understand why Canadians are good at teaching languages and Americans suck at it smh

  16. you don't actually think your buddy took more time on his deck making than those gilded cards right?

  17. I have a bone to pick with you Chris. I have now gotten into collecting decks of cards. went to David Blains website as well as amazon rabbit hole…DAMN YOU!!!!

  18. Your French pronunciation is actually pretty good!
    Did you learn French or is this just random luck? 😄

    Sorry if that's a dumb question, I just discovered you, like 1 week ago 🤣

  19. I turned sixty years old before I heard the word cardistry. Did I spell it right? I like it. I want to see more and with a magic trick involved could be perty cool.

  20. people don't deserve money….shit….people suffer and those "persons" buy 800 dollars playing cards….have to vomit

  21. Next fucking level how Chris does an accent to speak French even though he speaks Canadian French, the accent is different


  22. Did you say that LV deck is around 50 to 60 years old? And you're comparing it to a 1 year old set? Gee, let's compare this 1960 Rolls to my new Camry. Heck, this Rolls doesn't have air conditioning, electric windows, power steering or GPS, and the radio doesn't have FM, CD or USB! It's in great condition, but what an overpriced piece of crap!

  23. I don't care who you are, or what you do, if you think that an $800 pack of cards is 'worth it' for anything at all – you have waaay too much money, and are a complete d*ck for wasting it on LV cards. Just buy a pack of regular bikes, and give the other $790 to someone who needs to eat, or pay rent etc.

  24. Big fan Chris, mad respect. Not mad respect for being friends with serial abuser Chris Brown tho. Keep up the good work kiddo

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