Texas Ask’Em Poker

Welcome to Texas Ask’Em Poker! Texas Askem Poker is Texas Holdem poker except
the players compete for the starting hands by answering a multiple choice question. To begin the cards are dealt, face down and
in pairs but to the middle of the table. Now unseen by the players the computer looks at
these starting hands and sorts them. Such that the strongest starting is first and the
weakest starting hand is last. Then all players are given the same multiple
choice question. Now the players are sorted by the computer
based on their answers to the question. Players that answered correctly come first
and are sorted based on their answer times. The players that gave an incorrect answer
are randomly sorted after the players that gave the correct answer. Then the sorted players are matched with the
corresponding sorted hands such that the player that answered correctly and fastest, receives
the best of the randomly dealt starting hands. Once all players have received their cards then regular Texas Hold’Em Poker follows. The answer to the question is only revealed
at the end of the poker hand. In addition, at the end of the hand if a players cards are revealed to the other players then
that players answer & answer time is also revealed. Have fun playing Texas Ask’Em Poker on Facebook
for free.

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