Texas Holdem: Poker Tournament Strategy : Poker Tournaments Versus Cash Games

There are some key differences between a cash
game and a tournament game. And the biggest difference is that in a cash game is that
you can lose all your chips and then buy in again. In a tournament, most tournaments are
played in whats called freeze out style. There are rebuy tournaments. But the rebuy periods
are only gonna last so long. So actually all tournaments in the long run are freeze out.
Because of this and because tournaments are structured such that in a cash game the betting
structure never changes. If I buy into a two for cash game that is ultimately no limit
the blinds are two and four and then I can play the rest of my stack and if I lose it
I can buy more. In a tournament the blinds might start out at two and four but after
a while they will go up to four and eight, ten and twenty, twenty and forty, fifty and
a hundred, and then antes will come in. And once more I can only lose what’s in front
of me on the table. Once it’s gone I am out of the tournament. Because of that difference,
because of those differences that I just mentioned you need to open your game up usually a little
bit over time in a tournament. Early on, you will play a tournament the same way you would
a cash game. Play kind of tight. Hold out if your hands are like this, your premium
hands, your aces, your kings, queens, jacks, ace king suited, but you know what, as time
goes on your gonna wanna play ace ten, the right situations you’ll play jack ten suited.
What we’re gonna do now is discuss how to know when to do that and other elements of
tournament play.

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7 thoughts on “Texas Holdem: Poker Tournament Strategy : Poker Tournaments Versus Cash Games

  1. I'm no Gus Hansen, but I think the style you advocate is way too tight. You wake up with AA once every 221 hands. You can't wait that long to play a hand early; in big tournaments, you want to build a big stack early or go home, b/c you'll be left in the dust when tables merge and your stack is short.

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