Texas Holdem

Nếu bài của bạn kết hợp với bài trên bàn thành 1 bộ 5 cây liên tiếp nhau ví dụ như 4,5,6,7,8 thì được gọi là Sảnh (Straight) The objective on this game is to create the best five card poker hand possible using any combination of a player’s two whole cards and five community cards. Here’s a quick breakdown of the hand ranking from lowest to highest. The lowest rank hand has no pairs is called high card. It is then followed by a pair which is two cards of the same rank. After that is the Two pair Two cards of a matching rank, another two cards of a different matching rank, and one sided card. Then Comes Three of a kind at the end Players can beat any of these hands by making a straight which is composed the Five sequential cards that do not have the same suit. Next is the flush. Flush is even stronger than a straight and is made with any five cards that have an identical suit. The next strongest hand is a full house and is formed by three of a kind plus a pair The highest in least
common hands strength in texas holdem are four of a kind,straight flush
and Royal Flush respectively. Each game starts in Clockwise direction of the dealer
directly to the left of the dealer are Two forced bets known as the small blind
and the big blinds Blinds are primarily bets made
by two players before cards are dealt for the purpose of stimulating action prior two cards being distributed
the player to the left of the button called the small blind puts in chips
equal to half the size of the minimum Bet for the game the player to that
players left or the big blind put in Double the amount of the small blind and
is also the minimum bet The players are dealt two cards one at a time
starting with the small blind position These two cards are known as hole cards
once the hole cards are dealt the first fitting round called preflop begins and
players make the first decision on Whether or not to play their hand the
first round of betting takes place after All hole cards have been dealt to each
player the first player to act is the Player to the left of the big blind and
this player then has three options (CALL) Match the amount of the big blind (RAISE) Increase the BET within
the specific limits of the game (FOLD) Throw one’s hand
away if the player chooses to fold here She is no longer eligible to win
the current hand the players who follow have The same three options
CALL,RAISE or FOLD Once the pre flop betting round is complete
the dealer reveals three cards Face up at the center of the table known
as the ‘flop’ The flop consists of
three community cards that all players can use in combination with the hole cards after the flop is dealt the post flop around
betting begins in this betting round and All that follow from now on action
starts with the first active player to The left of the button along with the
options to bet call fold and raise A player now has the option to check it no
betting action has occurred prior a ‘check’ simply means to pass the action to
the next player in the hand the fourth community card called the turn is dealt
face-up following all betting action on the flop once this has been completed
another round of betting occurs similar to that on the previous street of play
again players have the options to bet,call,fold,raise and check
the fifth community card called the river is dealt face-up following all betting action on
the turn once this has been completed another round of betting occurs similar
to that on the previous three to play after all betting action has been
completed the remaining players in the hand with hole cards now exposed their
holdings to determine a winner this is called the showdown the
remaining players open their hole cards the player with the best combination of
five cards will win the pot are you ready to play poker yeah

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