The 2018 Poker on TV Vegas Championship!

Welcome to the Texas Hold’em tournament here in Las Vegas. We have three players at the table today ,competing for three bitcoins. We have Sam McDonough, who has competed in the tournament for nine years straight. However, he has never won a game. I swear I’ll win this time, definitely not gonna screw up. Again. We have four-time champion Audrey Gollan, winning a total of 17 bitcoins. Let’s get this over with almost to 20 bitcoins. I got this in the bag. And three-time champion Chri- whoops, it looks like he can’t make it today. Just get someone else. What am I doing here? Don’t worry about it, bud. Let’s begin. Oh no, bad hand, bad hand. Keep a poker face. Wow! This is good, I can work with this. 20 bitcoins, all mine. Let’s see, I got a reverse, a skip, and a draw 2. And the flop, a Jack of Clubs, 8 of diamonds, and a 10 of clubs. Whoops. And the turn, an ace of clubs. Why is everyone punching the table? We’re nearing the end of the game and the river has been placed on the table. If I bluff and go all-in, hopefully they’ll fold. I need those bitcoins. Time to flip the cards. Flip your cards. No, these cards. And a shocking win from Nathan Lett. This newbie has just won three bitcoins with an amazing royal flush. No. I don’t like it. How will you spend your winnings? That concludes this episode of American Poker on TV. Don’t forget to tune in next week.

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