The $400 Aria Poker Classic

come with me to the Aria to experience a
400 dollar event in the Aria Poker Classic just outside the poker room
we’re gonna check it out as a little warm-up for the 565 Colossus in a few
days but doing well online gonna ride this momentum to great success in the
live arena 30 minute levels 20,000 starting chips should be a fun day one
reentry available maximum R in fur is 800 this will count for the bankroll
challenge let’s get that trophy at the Aria visit
nine-to-five and sign up for their free email newsletter for your
chance to win 10% of me in this $600 $1,000,000 guaranteed Planet Hollywood
Goliath event you can win over $10,000 just by signing up for an email
newsletter sign up today with blinds at 100 200 we’re under the
gun 9 handed with two black Kings praised up to six hundred under the gun
plus one calls under the gun plus two calls and we get three more callers the
flop comes Queen ten five two spades I think we have to bat for valor in the
field under the gun plus one calls and then a seven year old woman snap jams
22000 out of the gun plus two everyone folds to be try just put around a screen
Queen Jack nut flush draw gamble it up on Irvine’s deep or do we
put in a discipline fold with an over pair tough spot but we fold pocket kings other guy folds I asked her to please
show and she shows pocket aces dodged a bullet there the blinds had 200 and 300
300 middle position raises to 1000 the button calls I’m in the small blind with
pocket tens good squeeze but just put in the call see what happened big line
comes along or ways to applaud flop comes King 10 feet with two diamonds I
check big blinds shoves all in for 7,200 original RAZR folds button calls we have
about 20,000 behind and we shove all in let’s hope we can fade the combo draw
here button tanks and eventually puts in the call with 10 8 big blind has King 8
let’s hold the turn is a 5 of diamonds giving the 10 8 a backdoor diamond draw
and the river is a 3 of Hearts huge pot 50,000 ships our way we’re now on first
break at the aria raise up east jack big blind defends
flop comes King ten seven he checks we bet 1700 he makes it five thousand and
we fold been playing very tight very card dead for over an hour
action folds the high Jack who opens for 1500 AD 300 600 we’re on the button with
ten four of Spades I love a good suited five gapper so we put in the 3x to 4500
the blinds fold and original RAZR folds take it down only pot we won for those
three levels we now have 35,000 going to 400 800 800 blinds at 400 800 800 runs the gun with
pocket kings so we make it 2,000 we get two callers both on the blinds
the flop comes King King five holy that’s right we flopped quads no fluster
on board they check and with the dead cripple I check the turn is the ten of
hearts putting a flush draw of their small
blind bets three thousand big blind calls three thousand so we continued the
slow play put in the call hoping for a flush hit the river rivers a jack
hopefully someone hit it straight small blind checks and the big blind checks so
I don’t think we can check back we got to hope to extract some value from a two
pair type of hand sweep at 6500 and both players full with blinds add 400 800 800
middle position opens to 2100 this players been clicking some buttons to
say the least burn the cutoff with East eight of clubs
now I could definitely could three bet this hand but I’d rather take the lower
variance route and play post flop in position hopefully cooler someone flush
over flush so you put in the call and the blinds fold the flop comes King
Queen nine and two clubs he bets 2500 and we put in the call he turn is an off
suit five and he checks looks like he’s giving up with a under pair maybe a hair
philostrate draw type hand ten Queen ten definitely could take a
free card here but we want to build the pot or just win it right here so we’ve
had 5500 and he puts in the call the river is a three of Hearts
don’t see anyway our ace high is good here he puts it each X sometimes you
just got a man up and go for it Bluff with ace high we bet 15,000 and he
puts in the fold of love works holy crap what are the odds of that like a million bucks but my money don’t
really feel like I do it from the ground I build my own dad bus people was amazed
I was still a high school there’s a famous quote above it’s not about what
happens to you it’s about how you react to it it couldn’t be any more true in
tournament poker I’ve lost more hands than I can count it still hurts not
getting mad the level of man depends upon various factors but I think it’s
best if you can shake off all the times you lose and really relish in the pure
joy excitement and ecstasy you feel every pot you win but it ain’t about how
hard you hit it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward how much
you can take and keep moving forward that’s how weird it is done so enjoy the
good times and shake off the bad times you’re gonna lose a lot of hands in a No
Limit Hold’em tournament a lot of adversity will come your way it’s all
about staying positive and stay in the zone
go with your gut 18 players remain 11 pay supplies in pressure on this final
table to play me in a bronze we go take

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