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I’m Scott Blumstein here at the Palazzo Suite… let’s meet the qualifiers! My name is Atish Mistry and I’m from London Full name is William David White from Belfast, Northern Ireland Kyle Flucker and I come from Edinburgh in Scotland Florin Pandilica, I’m from Romania, Bucharest My name is Shai I lived in Boston for like, 25 years and now I’m in Costa Rica My favorite poker player is probably Daniel Negreanu Phil Helmuth probably yeah because of his record A classic: Daniel Negreanu I don’t have… a favorite… Me! Maybe Me! I am most excited for…. playing the Main Event just because it’s fun like… walk in to the hallways… Seeing all these people that I’ve just been following most of these years and… kinda like the poker fanboy type stuff you know? I’m excited for just being here, just qualifying I’m most excited about walking into the Amazon Room… the deafening chip shuffling… and… hopefully making a deep run this year For the qualifiers to have a chance to talk to… us as experienced professionals… it’s amazing for them you know? As someone who… won the first time playing the Main Event… it’s gonna be their first time for a lot of them and…. just trying to offer a little bit of insight… in how to… avoid the nerves and…. go play your best game Have a lot of fun… be patient… it’s a really long tournament… you have to have a lot of stamina, so… take care of yourself and… just enjoy the ride! Play poker, you know! that’s what got you here and… that’s… good enough to win!

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