The Best James Bond Casino Scenes Ever

When it comes to a Bond film, there’s a
few things you can be certain of- There’ll be beautiful women, guns, cars and him saying
his name in a overly convoluted way. In amongst all that there will usually be
a trip to the casino. Today we are running down the top 5 times
that the writers made the casino count and gave us a classic slice of Bond at the tables. The first scene in Dr No brought us face to
face with Sean Connery’s James Bond, arguably the most iconic film version of the Bond character.
Fittingly, it also takes place in a casino and forever tied the two together in the mind
of film goers everywhere. Within only 5 minutes Bond has won a high
stakes games of Baccarat, received his secret mission, delivered a catchphrase and pulled
a woman. It introduces us to everything Bond and it all takes place at the casino table
without Bond ever stepping away from the game. Although Bond is supposed to be the ultimate
agent, lethal both physically and mentally, we are more accustomed to seeing his physical
approach, rather than the intellectual. In this famous scene from Octopussy, Bond
spots the villain Kamal beating the Major at Backgammon by consistently rolling suspiciously
lucky double 6s. Bond takes the Major’s place, hikes up the bet to 500,000 rupees,
and then taunts Kamal by wagering the Faberge egg he wants as part of the bet. At the last minute he uses his game right
to use his opponent’s dice. Not even glancing down at the table, he rolls the winning 6s.
It’s a great scene where Bond figures out the scam and uses it to as an opportunity
to intimidate his enemy. The Daniel Craig, James Bond reboot, Casino
Royale had to be in this list since the whole movie is basically an extended casino scene.
We follow Bond trying to win a high stakes game of Texas Hold ‘Em, which culminates
in an unbelievable $115million pot. If he wins, he saves the day but if he loses,
the villain Le Chiffre takes all the money to invest into the criminal underworld. Which
of course, Bond’s government buy ins will have directly financed. No pressure. The heart of the film features one incredibly
tense hand of Poker after the other. Bond does get distracted away from the table a
few times. Once to have a fight on the stairs, and later he dies for a full minute. Never shaken he’s soon back at the table
for more thrilling poker action. Goldeneye marked the first outing for Pierce
Brosnan as Bond and, as with all first outings, people were worried it just might not be the
same. With Bond having pulled a Doctor Who 4 times before, audiences feared they could
end up with another Lazenby on their hands. Goldeneye proved everyone wrong by bringing
everything Bond back to the series. Amongst the tropes was a casino scene, which almost
bordered on parody, and is on our list for being one of the most Bond-esque casino scenes
in the series. We see Bond playing Xenia Onatopp at Baccarat.
It’s an over the top innuendo filled game, with the surname Onatopp pretty much setting
the tone of the scene. It’s several minutes of camp double entendre and it had us in stitches
the whole way through. We’re going back to Casino Royale again,
but this time, it’s to the version made in 1967. Peter Sellers, Woody Allen and Orson
Welles may seem like a very odd Bond lineup, but built as a comedy, it was one of the strangest
Bond films ever made. It closely follows the Casino Royale plot,
but with Peter Sellers as Bond and Orson Welles as Le Chiffre camping it up all the way. All
of the tense poker scenes are replaced with Le Chiffre performing ridiculous magic tricks.
The money laundering plot is mostly swapped out for one in which Bond names every agent
in the building Bond in a stupid attempt to trick his enemy. There’s also Woody Allen
being, well… Woody Allen instead of action scenes to break up the whole affair. Thanks for watching this week’s Top 5. You
can join us every Friday for a new guide, latest slot news or more videos just like
this. Head into the description for links to play any of the casino games mentioned
and we’ll see you same time next week.

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47 thoughts on “The Best James Bond Casino Scenes Ever

  1. The books are better (yes, there are books, and they came first) but whether they're on the screen or on the page, I often have no idea what the hell Bond is doing during these card scenes. I mean, I can get a gist of the plot, the emotions, the characters, the usually high stakes, and the inevitable victory, but the game itself is incomprehensible. Either way, the books are definitely preferable.

  2. How is the GoldenEye scene over Casino royale and Dr. No? One is very tense and well done. The other is just iconic. And how is a terrible Bond spoof at the top. Terrible list

  3. Why does somebody have to talk during these scenes? Just play the top five. Your talking and opinions do not help. Dislike for your talking.

  4. Real fans love Lazenby. I don't know what your daft comment was all about. His film is one of the best Bond's ever with a great cast.

  5. In the Diamonds Are Forever craps clip, Bond says
    "I'll take the full odds on the 10,
    200 on the hard way
    the limit on all the numbers
    250 on the eleven thank you very much."

    I guess he means 200 on the 10 hard way. Not sure what is meant by "the limit on all of the numbers".
    Of course this is just from the script, but they do sound like bets you could actually make in a craps game. (I'm not a craps player)

  6. How can they dis Lazenby – he had one of the best Bond lines ever after beating the crap out of a couple of henchmen he takes a canapé and utters the immortal line …..ah royal beluga caviar…..north of the caspian…

  7. The opening scene in Dr No when Connery does the classic cigarette light/'Bond, James Bond' bit is the ultimate. Your vid would have been much better without the inane chit-chat.

  8. what a fuckin wanker – using scenes from a series of films to try and entice people to gamble through his links – fuck you whoever you are.

  9. You're kidding. The '67 Casino Royale is your #1 casino scene? And Orson's magic tricks at the table doesn't enhance the scene, it subtracts considerably from it, it's a needless distraction.

    The reason they had to put this in is because Welles refused to do the scene unless he was allowed to do magic. Peter Sellers hated it so much he refused to do the scene with Welles, that's why on all the cutaways you only see Sellers.

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