The Biggest Wins in Casino History

Beating Casino presents: The Biggest Wins
in Casino History. Some gamblers play using strategies they have
learned and fit the game and their bankroll, while others risk large sums of money on the
off chance of an enormous win. Both ways of gambling can be life changing
if you happen to win large amounts of money, turning ordinary people into millionaires
in a matter of hours. We are not here to say which way is the correct
one to play, we have enough strategy videos on our channel for you to watch and decide
how you prefer to play at the casino, so in this video, we will just share with you some
of the biggest wins in casino history so you’ll see that anything is possible and that the
house doesn’t always wins. Archie Karas (Poker & Craps)
Archie Karas, also known as the “king of the casinos,” was able to turn $50 into
$40 million!!! Karas used to work as a waiter, until he learned
about pool hustling, where he amassed serious wealth, to the tune of $1 million. He was never afraid of losing his money, and
therefore he would bet, in a single throw of the dice, what many gamblers might earn
in a lifetime. While playing high-stakes card games in Los
Angeles, he won plenty of money, but was also completely broke on numerous occasions. It was December of 1992 when Archie began
what many consider the greatest hot streak in the history of gambling. He had just lost $2 million during a Los Angeles
high-stakes poker game, so he only had $50 to spare. But that was enough to start winning, and
winning big. Archie began in Binion’s Horseshoe casino
where a friend spotted him $10,000 to play high-stakes Razz, a game in which the lowest
hand wins. He went head-to-head with 15 of the world’s
greatest poker players, including Stu Unger, Chip Reese, Johnny Chan and Puggy Pearson. He won millions at poker before winning millions
more at craps, eventually coming into possession of the Horsehoe’s $5,000 chips, worth $11
million. By the time his run ended, he had won $17
million playing craps and poker at the Horseshoe. Incidentally, he was able to repay the $10,000
loan with 50% interest. His winning streak continued for over two
years, until he had amassed $40 million. He was able to turn $7 million into $17 million
by besting some of the best poker players in Vegas at seven-card stud. He also earned over a million dollars playing
nine-ball pool. Even the occasional losing streak was not
enough to keep him from winning far more than he lost. His winning streak, however, did eventually
come to an end over a three-week period in 1995, where he lost $11 million playing craps. He also lost $17 million at baccarat and another
$2 million at poker. He soon lost the remainder of his $40 million,
although he was eventually able to borrow $40,000 to win back $1 million. Archie’s luck may have ran out in spectacular
fashion, but his phenomenal winning streak remains the stuff of legend, and it is proof
that anything is possible in gambling. The wisdom is to know and save some on the
side and not gamble it, so you’ll still be a millionaire and not become broke. Elmer Sherwin (Megabucks Slots)
In 1989, a man won $4.6 million on a Megabucks slot machine at the Cannery Casino & Hotel
in Vegas. His name was Elmer Sherwin, and he beat the
odds, not once but twice, on the same slot machine. Some people consider certain machines lucky,
so, after Sherwin won his $4.6 million, he continued playing the same machine until he
eventually won $2.1 million in 2005 when he was 92 years old, despite the odds of winning
being estimated at one in fifty million! Sherwin said he had been a fan of Megabucks
for a long time. He believed it would pay off eventually, and
that belief sustained him for years until his second win confirmed his instincts. Sherwin’s first win came on the casino’s
opening night, leading to speculation about how big wins occur on opening nights. But as everyone attempts to explain what cannot
be explained, a mythology arises. People may wonder how to duplicate Sherwin’s
luck, but so far, he remains the big winner, twice over. There are other big winners of Megabucks slots,
including a retired flight attendant who risked $300 in 1998 and won $27.5 million. Such wins may be rare, but they do happen
from time to time. That is why playing the slots is so much fun
and easy, as you risk a little (or any amount you decided) and can win millions of millions
of dollars, just by pushing a button… Peter (Online Slots)
Peter, a Norwegian gambler, has won one of the largest online gambling payouts. It may not be his real name, but that is not
what is important. What matters is that he became an online casino
winner by playing a progressive jackpot slot called Arabian Knights, and it was the fruit
slot machine that made his surprise win possible, as his winning streak netted him 11.7 million
Euros Peter played at the Betsson online casino
which features the slogan, “Anything can happen”, and for him it did, it really happened
and it changed his life for good. Mike Ashley (Roulette)
Mike Ashley, multi-billionaire owner of the Newcastle United Football Club, was already
famous when he won 1.6 million pounds in the span of three hours at a roulette table in
a London casino. His lucky number was 17, and his method of
betting focused on every possible combination of that number. As luck would have it, the roulette ball dropped
into the 17 slot, converting his initial 480,000 pounds to three times that amount. Ashley retrieved his winnings and called it
a day. The odds of hitting 17 were high, but Ashley
must have known that even a lucky number rarely strikes twice in a row. However, in 2011, Ashley lost one million
pounds in the span of two hours. Still, he is a multi-billionaire, so we’re
not too worried about him. Sean Connery (Roulette)
Yes, that Sean Connery, the super spy James Bond which happened to had a lot of luck betting
on the number 17. While at a casino in the Italian Alps, Connery
put his money on 17. He missed the first two times, but on the
third spin, the ball landed on 17. Leaving his winnings there, the croupier spun
the wheel. Surprisingly, the ball landed on 17 again. What may have been even more surprising, or
perhaps insane, was the fact that Connery once again left his winnings in place, and
you guessed it, the ball fell on 17 for the third time in a row, against odds of 50,000
to 1. Sean Connery then coolly collected his winnings
of 10,000 pounds, which in today’s market could very well be worth 163,000 pounds. Interesting fact is that there was a time
when “17” was one of the most commonly played numbers in roulette. Not only did Connery win big on the number
17 in 1963, but he did the same in the 1971 Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever. Charlie Wells (Roulette)
Way back, in 1891, Charlie Wells netted $1 million after playing roulette for 11 straight
hours. He was the man who literally “broke the
bank at Monte Carlo,” inspiring a famous music hall song by Fred Gilbert. Breaking the bank meant winning more chips
than are available on the table, and Wells did that not once, but 12 times in the course
of the night. It turns out Charlie Wells was a famous confidence
trickster. After making a profit from a fraudulent invention
called the “musical jumping rope,” he decided to try his luck in Monte Carlo. His game of choice was roulette, and it was
at the roulette table that Wells took 4,000 francs in chips and turned them into a million
francs, winning 23 out of 30 successive spins at one point. After winning a million francs, he came back
to the same casino a year later and won another million francs over the course of three days. In today’s dollars, his one million francs
could be worth well over $20 million. However, Luck was not always so kind to Wells,
and after amassing more money from people who had invested in a fuel-saving device he
invented for steam ships, he lost everything at gambling. He later spent 11 years in prison in England
for fraud and 5 years in a French prison before he passed away in 1922, penniless and broke. I guess you could call it karma… William Darnborough (Roulette)
William Darnborough hailed from Illinois when he played roulette at a Monte Carlo casino,
winning half a million dollars over the course of 7 years between 1904 and 1911, which could
be a staggering amount in today’s market. He had already become an expert gambler by
playing roulette in the U.S. at illegal casinos operated inside saloons. It was said he was a wheel-watcher who could
anticipate where the ball might land. Unlike Wells, though, Darnborough quit playing
while he was ahead, and thus kept all of his fortune. Don Johnson (Blackjack)
Professional Gambler, Don Johnson, had a technique when it came to blackjack. He negotiated rules to give himself an edge,
like splitting a favorable hand into four separate hands, picking dealers who stopped
drawing cards when a hand equaled 17, thus increasing Johnson’s chances of getting
a better hand, and whenever he could, he would double his bet. Fortunately for Johnson, some casinos offer
high-rollers 10% paybacks, meaning he could keep an entire win while still keeping money
after a loss. By also negotiating the right to bet up to
$25,000 a hand, he was able to multiply his winnings much more quickly. Although Johnson relied on luck as much as
anyone else, his use of the rules left less to chance and more to strategy, earning him
$15 million from three casinos in half a year. Ashley Revell (Roulette)
Around 2003, Ashley Revell sold his home and belongings in London and left for Vegas with
roughly $135,000. He risked it all by placing it on red on a
roulette wheel at the Plaza Casino in downtown Vegas. He quickly doubled his money and left. Although Revell was not a professional gambler,
he assumed an enormous risk and won big. He now owns iGaming Recruitment that helps
staff gambling companies. Kerry Packer (Blackjack & Baccarat)
Billionaire Kerry Packer could afford to place large bets, and so, during a 1995 trip to
the MGM Grand in Vegas, he won between $20 and $40 million at blackjack and baccarat. Allegedly, Packer played up to eight hands
at once on multiple tables, betting up to $250,000 a hand. Forty minutes after his first bet, he had
already won $25 million, finishing $20 million ahead of where he started. Lady Luck favored Packer on a number of other
occasions from 2010 through 2011. A $5.8 million win at the Tropicana Casino
took under 12 hours, and also winning millions over a number of nights at the Borgata Hotel
Casino & Spa. However, his luck turned two years later when
he lost $28 million in a London casino. Patricia Demauro (Craps)
With its many betting options, craps gives players a chance of winning big or losing
big. For Patricia Demauro, luck was on her side
that day. She had only played craps once before, so
when she arrived at the craps table at the Borgata in Atlantic City, she could not have
been expecting to win 154 consecutive throws in the span of 4 hours and 18 minutes. Although she never revealed her winnings,
she bought in for a mere $10 and could have won hundreds of thousands of dollars with
conservative bets. If she were placing expert bets, winnings
may have been in the millions. It should be noted that the odds of her accomplishment
were 1 in 1.56 trillion!!! And yet it happened in one unbelievable night. Other Notable Winnings
The cases and stories covered in this video are not that rare and there are actually huge
casino payouts all the time. Here are some other notable winnings that
although crazy to believe, actually happened: An anonymous man that was waiting for a basketball
game at the Excalibur Casino won $39 million dollars at a slot machine
A woman visiting Vegas from Hawaii played the same slot machine for three hours with
less than $100 before winning close to $9 million. Another woman won $680 on a Wheel of Fortune machine at the Palace Station Hotel, later
to win $27 million in a Megabucks jackpot. I guess one win wasn’t enough. A Former owner of the Golden Nugget wrote
of a video game developer called Mr. Royalty who walked out with close to $5 million, only
to come back a week later to win an additional $1.5 million. There is even a story of a homeless man who
cashed a $400 social security check and turned it into roughly $1.5 million at the Treasure
Island casino. Those who observed the man considered him
the rudest and luckiest player they had ever seen. Unfortunately, the man later lost it all before
being kicked out. Thank you for watching. Enjoy our channel with more videos, tips and
strategies on how to beat the casino, both live and online, and don’t forget to like,
share, and comment on our videos. Also, check our amazing promotions waiting
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