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  1. Note from the narrator: In putting together the final script, I mistakenly switched one Targaryen killed during Robert's Rebellion with another Targaryen killed during Robert's Rebellion and said that Elia Martell was married to King Aerys II when she was actually married to Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. My humble apologies – hopefully this genealogical mistake won't detract from the rest of the recap. – Dan

  2. Epic conclusion? "Disappointing…epic…one of those two" -Kit Harrington

  3. I haven't watched any of these episodes, just clips… still I watched this cram and spoiled myself just so I could catch up… Now, I'm gonna need to watch the 7 whole seasons, I guess.

  4. Going to have to watch the full thing again as I've missed some episodes I hope tonight's last episode was good !

  5. The end is what it was and is. Beginning to end it captivated many over
    the years, it was ours to watch and be drawn into, not to speculate or
    demand things be our way for the ending. You all watched it and many
    many Youtube scenarios were posted on it from all angles, I enjoyed it
    and was amiss at the ending as I would have liked it to continue. Thanks
    to the cast and all involved over the years for bring us into this
    realm of fantasy.

  6. Great video! What I got from it is that people kill their fathers, betray each other all the time and no one really stays dead hahah

  7. This is helpful as I’ve never seen the show and don’t know what anyone is talking about. Lol.

  8. Narrator: Game of Thrones is about to meet its epic conclusion
    Me: No… no it's not.

    Great video by the way!!

  9. I didn't get any of the story when I watched it, so I'm going to watch this video again. Game of Thrones is so complicated!

  10. I thought at the start of season 8 that they should have Jaime kill Cersei, but alas that did not happen. It was a disappointing season, they could of done a lot better as you showed.

  11. Your ending is better but then that’s not saying much. Almost any ending
    would be better than the one they used. Even if the Game of Thrones ended as
    a musical, with all those that died rising from the dead as white walkers and
    then everyone would sing and dance their way off into the sunset, with all
    three dragons flying overhead, two of which would be white walker dragons with
    Dani and John riding them.

  12. Tired of hearing everyone talk about it and I'm to lazy to watch the entire thing soooooo
    Here I am

  13. Everyone talked about Daenyrs killing Innocents, but did a lot of people pay attention to the evil queen Cersei??? Hmm. Seems some who made fast judgement on Daenyrs obviously thought it ok for Cersei??? I hope Dragon took her body to be resurrected and she comes back. Not likely. But nothing would make me happier

  14. You keep forgetting to mention the many times Sansa betrays her family causing the death of nearly every one of them. For Jeffry no less. Multiple times when still under her fathers care. Not to mention the ones where she is “forced” too by having her lemon cakes taken away.

  15. Pretty sure it Tywin who set up the Red Wedding, not Jamie. Jamie meant it literally when he said the Lannisters send their regards not knowing Roose was going to betray them. I'm not sure if the dialogue confirms this, but i think its a bit ambiguous .

  16. Best mick and dawn ive seen in a tv series since my old man let me and our kid watch Caligula in the early 80s … belting

  17. There's going to be a MOVIE on the big screen! 🎥🎥🎥🎥😄😄😄😄 There will be a conclusion and a prequel at the same Dam Time!

  18. I'm fucking dying 😂 😂 "Yeah, that's out the window, just like Bran."

    A few seasons later & you can say the same about Tommen. 😂 😂

  19. As someone who has never watched got, this is damn near impossible to follow. Aww well, one day , or maybe over one month, I'll eventually watch got.

  20. Really great summary of the series! This was perfect for someone like myself who isn't a hardcore fan but rather a casual watcher of the show & doesn't have the time nor interest to watch every episode of every season. Great job in explaining all the major details of the story line in such an entertaining fashion, thanks very much!

  21. All GoT seasons combined in an only 52 minutes video. I almost forgot what happened in seasons 1 to 5 when season 7 came in

  22. I have a Bird uni course I gotta get at least a B in entirely on Game of Thrones…I've never watched an episode. Hope this is enough.

  23. How can people FOLLOW this stuff? I was bored after three minutes. If I wanted to study crap like this, I would study history. Wars of the Roses? the house of Plantaganet, the house of Lancaster, the house of York, blah blah snoozefest. It's basically Lord of the Rings and English history….why on God's green earth did this ever become popular?

  24. Roose Bolton never plotted with Jaime wtf. He plotted with Tywin, which is why he (Roose) told Jaime his appearance at Harrenhal was an inconvenience. The deal was already done and dusted, otherwise Roose wouldn't have been so nervous about a maimed Jaime potentially telling Tywin that Bolton men maimed him. That "Lannisters send their regards" line by Jaime was a jape that turned horrifically ironic in hindsight. Jaime didn't know his words would actually be repeated in front of the woman who would later rise (in the books) to be Lady Stoneheart.

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