The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr: Developer Deep Dive

Welcome this year to Elsweyr, the mysterious southern province
of the cat-people of Tamriel. Little seen in Elder Scrolls until now: the fan-favourite Khajiiti folk –
you’re going to love them! So for this year
for The Elder Scrolls Online, we’re taking a new approach. We had, with the province of Elsweyr
and the threat of the dragons, a story that’s so big that
it even transcends the Chapter format. So we’re going
for a full-year story. All four quarters. All tied into one epic saga that enables you to work with these
great characters to save the Khajiit and the land of Elsweyr
from these terrible threats. We’ve done stories that are stretched
over multiple releases before but this is the first time that
we’ve concentrated a single theme into everything we’re doing for the year. It’s the Year of the Dragons and it’s just some amazing content
that I can’t wait for you guys to play. Dragons, those dread creatures
from out of the past that have been hidden away for so long
but have been released to threaten Elsweyr. Going to Elsweyr gives
us the opportunity to explore the legends and
mythology of the Khajiit. Arguably they’re one
of the oldest Elder Scrolls races, so we wanted to show that they’ve inhabited
this place for a long time and that to me was
a really interesting thing to work on. A lot of the architecture is built
out of the living rock of the zone. We like to draw on
real-world cultural influences or real-world geographical influences
for cultures that we work on in-game. Some of the areas we looked at
were North Africa, West Africa and Yemen. Geologically, these areas were varied enough
to give us enough variation for the zone but they were also interesting enough to
give us lots of cool geographical features. If you know anything
about the Khajiit, you know that the moons of
Tamriel, Jone and Jode, exert a tremendous metaphysical influence
over both their form and their culture. We’re going to be going a bit
into the basis of that and you’re going to learn more about
their relationship with the moons. Throughout the year, we’re
going to get to explore lots of different aspects
of the Khajiiti culture and we’re going to get to see how
they rose from 16 different kingdoms to become the mostly united nation
that they are today. The cat-folk come in
many different varieties and they have a lot of different
ways of looking at the world and that means conflict. We’re going to find out
how they get to govern themselves but are still part of the Aldmeri Dominion
and what that means, and we’re going to see some things
that we haven’t shown before. Possibly the different types of Khajiit that we’ve heard exist that
we have never seen, other than in books. All of these things mix and meld together
in our new chapter of Elsweyr. Providing a really fast-moving and deep,
but exciting, series of stories about pulling this realm back together
and reuniting the Khajiit so they can stand tall beside their allies,
the Aldmeri Dominion. I can’t give away too much… but there’s a number of
different things that are coming that are going to
shock and surpise you, and hopefully delight you! Let me tell you, we’re really excited about
presenting Elsweyr to you, the players. We’ve shown little parts of it
before with Kenarthi’s Roost and part of Reaper’s March, but we’ve been thinking
about this for a long time. It’s been a long time coming, we’re really excited about this and
we really want to see what you do with it.

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96 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr: Developer Deep Dive

  1. Elder Scrolls Online is NOT Elder Scrolls VI. Fans who don't like MMO's have been waiting for a new Elder Scrolls game for EIGHT. FUCKING. YEARS. AND. COUNTING.

  2. When is Wrathstone coming out? I can't wait to see the map guide. I know I know… it is a strange thing to get excited about but there you have it.

  3. You should develop the game in Spanish for Hispanic players, also, work better in other regions of the world, like Latin America

  4. The kind of game you can't get into if you're new. Would have bought this but I missed the last 2 DLCS and it'd take me another year to get through all the content. Kinda pointless for me.

  5. My only question is what happens if you buy this a year later? They say this will be a year adventure. Does that mean later players can't play this, or does it mean that you can still play though the adventure after all content of that year is done at your own pace.
    The reason why I ask is because I do not get a lot of time to game. I do not want to to become a chore to finish the expansion within a year. I rarely get to finish a game within a year anyway. Any info on this?

  6. Would it not have been awesome if Bethesda made a Fallout version of this instead of Fallout 76. This works soooo well.

  7. Why in the fuck are the devs saying "Khajiiti"? For 5 games they have been called Khajiit, singilar and plural. This annoys the fuck out of me.

  8. Wow , I'm glad the ESO hate ended , hats off for zenimax online studio for going all the way through the hate to make it probably the best mmorpg game today 👏👏👏👏

  9. I'm very humbled that a loremaster helped with the core development of this expansion, I'm not even that into Khajit but I'm glad the general public finally has the chance to learn via gameplay over research.

  10. If only somebody paid me for playing this game, I would love to play almost all day even on my slow pc and with shitty internet, but…

  11. White haired guy said very softly and seriously "It's finger licken good" and then very gently caressed his hands down on the keyboard and began his adventure into elsweyr

  12. Очень, очень жаль что нет русской локализации для данной игры ((((

  13. So does anyone know if the three banner war is still going on? Its been a while since they talked about it. (sorry im new)

  14. If they made this as a skyrim mod it would be amazing. Eso however, no thanks. Do they even have an active player base.

  15. Bethesda can you please launch games on steam. Me and many others, like thousands of others refuse to buy your games if you are going to cripple us with your own shitty launcher. I love doom and it would be a shame to miss out on it because your entrepreneurs are acting like retards.

  16. Very nice .. dragons .. cats.. fantastic looking cities….danger everywhere…I’m very tempted to go into this adventure ) awesome job guys, I wish I can be part of what are you creating

  17. If you don't fix Fallout 4 I'm done buying your stuff fix the problem that's been going on for months instead of trying to fix Fallout 76 the game that doesn't even work right

  18. loremaster's voice – top) video with guy who give to us most awesome (as I think) atmosphere! like, of course)

  19. I know I know that its impossible. But if dragons were = mounts in this game, I would buy the game and did WHATEVER it takes to get them. They look so cool. Even in skyrim you can ride dragons damn…

  20. I just got ESO 1 week ago, and discovered this is a really good MMO. Wish I would have discovered this game earlier, but it looks like I got this game just in time for this cool new content.

  21. please change the stances when wielding certain weapons. Like if a character is holding a greatsword, it would look like a proper stance like from for honor.

  22. Beautiful game the quests the world the atmosphere are amazing to bad the combat is boring and the magicka stamina builds are just a lazy bland design

  23. Today I lost 100,000 gold after I placed it on MY bank in ESO. It just disappeared. Im quitting forever after this. I submited a ticket but I dont see anything happening just as I expected. Be careful when placing stuff in the bank. I will repost this coment no matter how many times you delete It. You owe me 100,000 gold.

  24. anyone else mad that they are only giving us the desert part of elsweyr, can't call it elsweyr if it's not all there

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