The ‘Fresh Prince’ When Will Got Shot And Carlton Bought A Gun

– [Presenter] Will’s going camping with Carlton and Uncle Phil. He asks why they’re packing
so much heavy stuff, like this dumb box that Carlton claims to contain an inflatable raft. Will thinks Carlton is
bullshitting about the raft. Turns out Carlton was not bullshitting and the raft breaks
Carlton’s bug-zapping lamp. Will hits an ATM to pay
Carlton back for the lamp when a mugger holds them
both up at gunpoint. They hand over the cash, but an ever-helpful Carlton announces he has some more money in his
pocket for their new friend. Only when he reaches for the loot, the thief gets skittish. Will tries to protect Carlton and takes a bullet in the process. The family’s in the hospital trying to make sense of this tragedy. Carlton has a rare form of survivor guilt that transforms you into Mr. Mopey Pants. Will’s mom shows up from the airport in tears that Will became a victim of gun violence in Bel-Air when he could have just
stayed in Philadelphia and got his ass beat
on a basketball court. Will wakes up in good
spirits, joking and smiling, and announces he’ll be doing
his banking by mail from now on because the internet in 1995 was still some shit you
paid AOL for by the hour. Will goofs with Geoffrey,
then Will goofs with Ashley. Everyone’s having a great
time hospital goofing except for Carlton, who
is mayor of Mope City, population: uno. Carlton scolds the Goof Troop and says this episode, that
should have been about camping, is now serious business. Will says you have to laugh because this kind of stuff
happens all the time, even though it certainly does
not when you live six minutes from the Beverley Hills Hamburger Hamlet. Carlton sulks off in a real pissy mood for a guy who wasn’t shot that day. Uncle Phil tries to stop him and they start yelling at
each other past midnight in a hospital about whether or
not the US legal system works which is neither the time nor place to have that conversation. Uncle Phil suspects
Carlton might be leaving to engage in vigilante justice, and tells him he can’t go out
on the street busting heads. Carlton says he’s all grown up, which is a poor choice of
words, since Will’s done nothing but make fun of his
height for five seasons. And now he’s on his way to go play Batman in the Cedars-Sinai parking lot. Uncle Phil says Carlton
went out to blow off steam, and he’ll be fine. Everybody leaves Will alone with Lisa. Will asks Lisa if she’s heard the joke about the black dude
who got shot at the ATM and is trying to get freaky with his girl in a hospital room. Lisa tells Will to stop
trying to entertain, and Will finally gets serious, seriously bummed he’s not about to get freaky
in this hospital room. Carlton returns the next day still upset that his jacket is yellow and says he is forever in Will’s debt. Carlton adds, him and Uncle Phil aren’t seeing eye to eye right now because this incident has
sent him into a full tailspin where he thinks everything Uncle Phil has ever told him is a lie. Carlton spent his whole life
believing in law and order, but now that he’s learned
about guns and robbers, the rules have changed. Carlton tells the guy who was shot that he’s sick of being a victim and is going to start
making his own rules. Will wants a hug, presumably to get Carlton
to stop nattering. And when Carlton goes
in for the real thing, Will feels a gun. Will asks Carlton what he’s
going to do with the gun. Carlton says he keeps that motherfuckin’ thang on him for protection. Then Carlton flips Will’s
breakfast in the air in a passionate fit of rage, depriving his injured relative of vital foods and
liquids for his recovery. Will says he understands that
Carlton is scared and angry, but he needs to find a way to deal with it that doesn’t involve firearms or throwing scrambled eggs in the air. Will demands Carlton give him the gun because he saved his life
and Carlton owes him. Carlton hands over the heater and Will breaks down in tears that he doesn’t have any breakfast. So what did we learn today? If someone tells you
there’s a raft in that box, just take their word for it, because there’s probably
a raft in that box. And if you need to see
the raft for yourself, you might break a bug-zapping lamp, which means getting cash
in the middle of the night, and that means getting mugged. And if you are getting mugged, don’t make any sudden movements
that get your cousin shot. And if you do get your cousin shot, don’t sulk around the hospital and make your family feel bad and have a sudden falling out
with your dad who loves you and buy a gun in the middle of the night and flip your wounded
cousin’s breakfast over in a temper tantrum, because when someone
takes a bullet for you, that should be the last time they ever have to deal with your bullshit for the rest of their life. See you next time on A
Very Special Episode.

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100 thoughts on “The ‘Fresh Prince’ When Will Got Shot And Carlton Bought A Gun

  1. It's something about this that I don't like: you seen how serious & shook up Carlton was?? The very next episode when will came home, Carlton was back to his old kiddy like self. They didn't address Carlton being scared like this no more after this scene. I don't like that.

  2. Episodes like this make me cringe. Will Smith is like one of the least gangster people I can think of…anything that has to do with him and guns just makes me giggle…even if he’s the one getting shot!

  3. “When your friend takes a bullet for you that’s the last time they should have to deal with your bullshit.” 🤣

  4. I remember this shit as a kid. I was so worried about Will lmao.
    Now i feel like a horrible person… Here i was worrying about Will's health, and never thought about his poor breakfast… I was such a bad fat-kid….

  5. Because when someone takes a bullet for you that should be the last time they ever have to deal with your bullshit for the rest of their life 😂🤣🤣

  6. I started this series in season 3. How did you only take 3 episodes to hit your stride. I mean you nailed it.

  7. "Will breaks down in tears that he doesn't have any breakfast…." I'll be laughing the rest of the day about that!

  8. Nothing wrong with carrying a gun for self defense, just makes sure you train so you know how to use it. Just one thing its California, conceded carrying a gun is against the law without a permit, and in most cases, open carry is 100% illegal. Also California has the strictest gun laws in the country and will still got shot. 🧐

  9. But we never see Carlton's sense of injustice and the fallout with his dad, EVER, because they probably fucking killed themselves.

    With a gun.

  10. Omg you bring back great memories with these old shows. But damn your commentary makes them 10 times better. I love it.

  11. Not to make this political but why does will care so much if carlton wants to protect himself? Especially after getting proof that its needed.

  12. After watching a full hour of zack morris is trash, it is strangely liberating to see someone who, upon doing something stupid, immediately takes responsibility, heads straight to the atm to reimburse thier friend, the takes a whole bullet from that friend, attempts to raise the morale of thier concerned family by smiling through a fucking bullet wound and then keeps his cousin from making a terrible mistake amd is devastated not for himself but for his angered and scared friend.

    If this was zack and screech, zack would have broken screech's lamp, made some glib joke about not paying for it, he would have been badgered into paying for it, then to make the money he would find some way to exploit them. Upon being held at gunpoint, zack would use screech as a human shield and shriek "TAKE HIM!!" The mugger would then purposefully shoot zack in the foot without taking any money as a pro bono favour to mankind. In the hospital zack would whine about how 'bad things always happen to bad people' and when screech is terrified and guilty, he would tell screech to shut the fuck up. When screech revealed his gun, zack would be like "WOW COOL!" and use it to stage a school shooting and get out of his midterm.


  13. "He's spent his whole life believing in law and order, but now that he's learned about guns and robbers, the rules have changed"

  14. Only way Will Smith will get shot is if he keeps yelling at the airport baggage handlers to "TAKE IT EASY, IDIOT" with his fragile Versace suitcases.

  15. When someone takes a bullet for you, that should be the last time they ever have to deal with your BS again.- gold

  16. Hilarious video

    In relation to the episode though I see nothing wrong with Carlton getting a gun for protection. The only issue I see is in that immediate time his character could has been too jumpy due to his emotions and ended up drawing in a situation he didnt need to

  17. Rule #1 don't live in a state like California where they make it virtually impossible for law-abiding citizens to be able to carry a firearm legally so only the bad guys will have them that are willing to break the law anyway .

  18. This was hilarious. I’m in tears. Could of stayed in philly and got beaten up instead of being shot in bel air

  19. This episode when I first watched it scared me, now I look at it via FOD as wow this episode was really sad and funny, especially when Carlton flipped the breakfast cart over.

  20. So what happened after this episode? When someone discovered the gun on Will’s bed, did he nark on Carlton? Did Carlton get in trouble?

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