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players in NBA history 38 year-old NBA veteran Jamal Crawford has had quite the
entertaining career the six-foot-five shooting guard has become well known for
his explosive offensive skills in fact his ability to mystified defenders
unofficially ranks him between fellow NBA stars
Allen Iverson and Stephon curry Crawford however hasn’t always had this kind of
stability what many of us may not know is that during his earliest days in the
lead Crawford got swept up in a gambling situation in which his life
would take a turn for the worse welcome to NBA Insider NBA player Michael Jordan is gambling
exploits are legendary so much so that when the NBA and gambling are mentioned
in the same sentence his name is not so far behind for the public do you have a
gambling problem no I’m sure it’s a hobby if I had a
problem I’d be starving I’d be Hawking this watch my championship rings I would
sell my house I would do this my wife left me on she’d be starving my kids to
be still I did not have a problem I enjoy gambling but I think that people
are trying to make it seem like I have a problem because they don’t really know
and when you have an area that you don’t really know about you’re gonna have
people you know it’s taking taking it further or speculate even further until
you know until I come out and basically give my own opinion about it and you
mentioned earlier in the interview that it’s gonna be over with soon from
betting one hundred thousand dollars in the game of rock-paper-scissors it’s a
winning a $500 bet with a fan at a charity golf event it’s safe to say that
MJ has built quite the iconic portfolio in the world of gambling what’s more
interesting however is that his love of gaming has also affected fellow players
over the course of his career including the likes of NBA veteran Jamal Crawford
similar to Michael Jordan Jamal Crawford has been through a lot in his 18 year
NBA career however what many people don’t know is the struggles he has faced
to get to where he is today one example goes back to his rookie days long before
he became a three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year as a freshman in the 2000 NBA
Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers selected him as the eighth pick in the first
round and immediately traded him to the Chicago Bulls that same Michael Jordan
his childhood idol made world famous back in the 1990’s EA Draft the
Cleveland Cavaliers select Jamal Crawford from the
of Michigan when he first arrived Crawford instantly
found himself admiring the city and of course its biggest athlete during the
summer of 2001 while Michael Jordan contemplated returning to the league to
possibly play for the Bulls a comeback he would eventually make with the
Washington Wizards he would frequently invite Crawford to play pick-up
basketball with him in one of those instances Jordan had asked Jamal to be
his teammate as part of a regular pickup game at hoops the gym an Athletic Club
in Chicago at the time Crawford just 20 years old jumped at the opportunity to
learn from one of the greatest NBA players of all time in between his first
and second year in the league Jamal spent most of his time hanging
with Jordan after hours socializing with the legend over the course of two years
the duo played a vast amount of matchups while never losing a single pick up game
however where things got really interesting was after the games came to
an end following their games Michael Jordan along with many of his friends
and associates would typically go next door to his restaurant 160 blue which
was located next door to the gym where they worked out some of these friends
included the likes of NBA players Ray Allen and Antoine Walter there the
establishment was set up with an illegal gambling operation with Vegas style car
tables throughout the wound and a separate corner specifically meant for
shooting dice it was here where Jordan and his acquaintances spent their
after-hours eating socializing and most importantly gambling on this specific
night Crawford with $2,000 cash in hand decided to participate in what appeared
to be an innocent game of craps with a group of half-a-dozen players most of
whom were professional gamblers as one of the first shooters in the game
Crawford was up and down for a while once holding about 10,000 in cash more
than he had ever won before losing it all then he went down way down into a
hole there was no coming back from despite losing most of his funds
Crawford became so addicted to the point that he was making bets with money he
didn’t have with a group of professional gamblers in high-profile millionaires
who were used to getting paid on the spot regardless he still decided to play
thinking that his chances of winning were high
after all crawford grew up on the game of craps in the streets of Seattle in LA
where he had won hundreds even thousands of dollars when he was just a teenager
however what he didn’t realize was the damage the game would eventually caused
to his confidence and of course his bank account as the evening continued Michael
Jordan and Antoine Walker became enticed in a game of cards while NBA player Ray
Allen decided to partake in shooting dice with Jamal as soon as he joined the
game Allen presented brand new cash became the shooter and began to play at
the same time Crawford decided to bet some more money on his role and lost
again as the evening went on the two kept on going back and forth all night
both their losses began to pile up so much so that Ray Allen had to borrow
tens of thousands of dollars from Michael Jordan in order to continue
playing as things quickly spiraled out of control Jamal Crawford found himself
in some pretty serious trouble over a two-day span of gambling with Michael
Jordan Antoine Walker in Ray Allen Jamal lost roughly $100,000 most of which he
couldn’t pay right away in fact witnesses of the game claimed
that Crawford lost several hundred thousand while Ray Allen lost even more
however the fact of the matter was that a couple hundred thousand for Ray Allen
wasn’t a problem seeing as he was selected as a first-round pick five
years earlier in the 1996 NBA Draft On February 10th 1999 following the 9899
NBA lockout Allen signed a six-year 70 point nine million dollar extension with
the Bucs making him the highest-paid player in franchise history at the time
so the money wasn’t a problem but for a 21 year old Crawford $100,000 was quite
a bit of money at the time he was still in the first year of his rookie contract
which guaranteed him eight million dollars over three seasons
so unlike established veterans like Ray Allen Antoine Walker and a
multi-billionaire in Michael Jordan Crawford was in a much less convenient
situation so days after spending two nights throwing dice Jamal Crawford
still hadn’t repaid his debts due to this Aaron Goodwin
Crawford’s agent at the time received a phone call from one of the professional
gamblers looking to settle his debt with Jamal during the course of the
conversation he began receiving death threats aimed towards the NBA player his
agent recalled the conversation himself saying that the gentlemen on the phone
claimed that the individuals Jamal had owed money were indeed willing to kill
him if the money was not returned Crawford’s agent fearing for the star’s
life explained that Jamal was good for the money
and that he was an NBA player that would get paid as soon as the season began in
the end he was able to work out a payment plan with the gambler while
resolving the situation so no more threats were delivered literally saving
Jamal’s life to this day Crawford says he never heard the story about his life
being threatened but admits that he got in way over his head with a group of
shady individuals which led to that humiliating moment in fact in order to
settle his debt from the second night of gambling he had to give away his
brand-new 2001 mercedes-benz s-class 430 despite
the fact that Jamal Crawford resolved the situation without any violence the
very thought of his life being put at risk instilled enough fear to force him
into changing his ways eighteen years since that night Jamal has never shot
dice or gambled outside a legitimate casino however to this day many people
still blame Michael Jordan for quote-unquote luring the 21 year old
rookie into an environment in which he would be faced with a threat on his life
Jim all on the other hand claimed full
responsibility knowing that at the end of the day he made the decision to act
unprofessionally on that night in regards to the incident Jamal Crawford
himself will go on to say I remember the first time I met Michael Jordan Tim
Grover called me and he was like you know MJ said you comedian you know cuz
at that time he was working for the Wizards we had a game that day I
remember when he called me like 7:00 in the mornings like MJ said you can meet
him hustle down to the gym it’s just MJ Grover in myself and in the
waiting room he’s working out and he had been there for a hour or an hour and a
half so I got there six in the more he’s four years old he’s trying to come back
to the Wizards and we’re just talking sh assistant like this is Michael Jordan
this is my favorite player ever I don’t know what to ask him our relationship
started really evolving I started going this house start hanging out after we
play he had a restaurant right next door 160 blue so after we played we go eat
hang out play cards whatever I was not a big card player but over on the other
side they started shooting dice a little bit and I had a little bit of money with
me I started winning at first I’m shooting dice or crap so I always kind
of threw craps I’ll win start winning start winning then I started losing
started losing start losing mine so now my cash is gone but this is the first
hour anywhere they’re usually for hours upon hours were there five six seven
eight hours so the first time I’m like man well now I’m just sitting here with
no cash I got a bet on other people so at that point I didn’t even touch the
dice anymore I was betting on other people I imagine that went downhill
pretty fast fast because I had really no control but I had to try to give my cash
back in the only way I can get it back was to bet the guy who took it from me
so it’s basically I’m I’m on somebody’s team but I’m not really on their team
I’m really betting this guy so MJ’s over there
and then he got down he got worse he got worse him like oh my god now you started
to sweat you’re like 1 2 you know and then he kind of was like hey that’s
enough you know he said from over there because it started getting like off me
oh he’s losing you know so he’s like hey that’s enough and he stopped me actually
and that was it I settle my debt with the guy took my basketball at the car
that was it and that was a story so he didn’t teach me that how he actually
stopped me from rabbit right and the whole killing thing that wasn’t I’d
never heard that part of it right like that that was that that because you guys
don’t like the song yeah because there was some outstanding
money for a little while you had a little bit of a payment plan yeah
exactly I was gonna be some consequences yeah that the consequences but I mean
that that part I had never reached me alright so but yeah I definitely I set
up a payment plan I was like okay well just give my car like so luckily I
learned that lesson very very well I was rookie I just finished my rookie year so
17 years I just learned that lesson early on in my career I’m glad and
learning later in any case this story just goes to show that even professional
athletes can get in over their heads when it comes to gambling overall for
the six-foot-five shooting guard it was an important learning experience one
that can serve as an example for other players especially when considering
gambling is one of the quickest ways NBA athletes lose their money ever since
that night Jamal Crawford has gone on to have a long decorated NBA career so far
the NBA veteran has played for seven different NBA teams earn 3/6 Man of the
Year awards became the fourth player to score 50 points with three different
teams and the all-time leader in four-point plays a lot of growth has
happened since that day both in terms of Crawford’s ability as a player to his
decision-making as a professional one that’s a little more conservative with
money at that with that being said it’s safe to say that Jamal Crawford’s
gambling endeavor will forever go down as one of the craziest stories in NBA

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