The Game of Life: DACA Edition – SNL

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100 thoughts on “The Game of Life: DACA Edition – SNL

  1. I apologize that your parents brought you here. The answer isnt supporting open borders and unchecked immigrstion. If you did have a rough life then you would do the RIGHT THING and fight against others who may come here illegally and create such an impoverished life. all march and protest and blame the white man.

  2. I think it's funny that people care so much about the dreamers, but don't even know about the immigration laws of 1921 or the SS St. Louis. They don't know about the Jews fleeing Nazi Germany and how they were denied entrance. At least the Jews tried the proper channels.

  3. What's funny is that random foreigners feel entitled to gaining citizenship in a foreign country without going through the proper channels. Your parents brought you here illegally and now you night get deported, sounds like you should be mad at your parents not the government that is trying to protect a society that encourages obedience of the law. I wonder if I were to go to Belgium and demand citizenship, free school, and free food what type of reception I would receive.

  4. I thought progressives said there weren't "shithole countries", but then they depict just being an illegal alien in the US as a literal hell yet still preferable to living in Latin America. People are staying in the US because they'd rather be here than anywhere else. I've traveled outside the US to explore poorer countries, and it's rarely that bad. Way to insult everyone south of the border by saying that it's better to live in the fires of hell than in their countries.

  5. good job trying to make us feel bad about illegal immigrants who blame the cops for stopping law breakers rather then owning the fact they are breaking the law or there parents for bringing them here illegally.

  6. Such a racist but a little bit funny video. I bet Trump made it. He should rot in hell for ruing this nation that is not just for Americans but for everyone. I hope Kamala or Biden win the election. If Trump loses I’ll be happy

  7. This is no different from Saudi executing a teen for the anti government opinions he expressed when he was 10. Only difference it's worst here. They are killing your dream.

  8. Damn I just love seeing all these people who think because they want to come to the US they’re entitled to ignore all of the immigration laws and come to the US. Personally, I think my mother (a Hungarian immigrant, wasn’t a citizen until I was like 12) should’ve just ignored all of the laws until it tore my family apart, then blamed the government for enforcing the laws that they set out.
    Seriously though, you all sound like fucking dumbasses. If you follow the laws set out for you, you’ll be allowed to legally enter the US. If obstacles arise, that sucks, it happens to every immigrant of every nationality. Get over it. Laws are laws, follow them and hey look at that everything works out.
    Alright, back to my cave I go

  9. The truth is America is the easiest country in the world to immigrate to legally. Especially if you are coming from one of its bordering countries. I had to go through this myself. Spent months without my wife and baby son while going through the system. It's hard but it's ridiculous to say it needs to change. No country makes it easy, all countries want control over who comes in. America is hands down the best at immigration and all of these lies that say we are monsters in this regard are leftist propaganda in nature not based in fact.

  10. Son lol never knew snl did this, Daca is dead, what does that mean, you unlocked new level. Damn dying here

  11. Wow like totally not funny. But what is funny is that legions of idiots think it is totally logically to allow illegal and unmonitored immigration in spite of actual rules & regulations that were set in place decades ago.
    Hey I want to move to Switzerland and enjoy the easy life there like their citizens. Let's cry about the fact that I can't just do that.

  12. How about don't come here illegally and you won't have to play. I don't wanna support your ass to go to college and pay your medical bills.

  13. Yet again SNL's "humorous" way to bring in some political bullshit. Can't ever just stay off those topics

  14. leftist bullshit. as if americans just hates immigrants for no reason. this kind of disconnect from the people is gonna see them lose again in 2020

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